Top 5 #Workplace & #HR Blogs of the Week – Editor’s Choice

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This week Blake (@rblake), our blog master of ceremonies has been on a much deserved vacation so I’ve been scheduling, editing and managing the blog. Just like the old times except without about 25+ more writers than years past. It’s been fun but it’s a lot of work too and a lot of blog reading, graphic design and editing. I appreciate Blake so much more and the work that he does to keep the wheels from falling off this thing. (Thank you, Blake!)

Each week on Blogging4Jobs we put together our top 5 workplace blogs and articles of the week. Before I share our top 5 blogs, I wanted to thank ¬†blogs, writers and industry practitioners who take the time to write and share their experiences, opinions and thoughts on blogs. Maintaining a blog is not an easy job and it is often created out of love or passion for our work. Just know, I appreciate you. Please show your favorite bloggers some love and share the blogs that you read wherever and whenever the mod strikes you. It’s an often solitary job spent typing quietly in front of a computer screen. And now, our top 5 workplace and HR blogs of the week.

  • Pushback on Dividing HR from HR Executive Magazine. This article is a follow up piece published on Harvard Business Review’s blog that suggested HR be divided into two separate functions. The article shares opinions from three highly visible HR executives and professionals. I like the article, but what’s lacking is an opinion or point of view from practitioners in the trenches of HR. Maybe that’s a follow up post for me. Read more.
  • Interview with a Former Receptionist from a Legal Brothel from Ask a Manager. This Q & A interview is worth the read and note that she is also in a market for a job. How does one add brother office manager to a resume? Personally, this gal has a book and/or a blog that has legs. From the number of comments on this post, Ask a Manager’s readers agree too. Read here.
  • In the Land of Oz from Hooks Down Under. My friend, Rosemary is a career coach who lost her husband last year to cancer. Her blog post is extremely personal and shares the story of her recent travel to Australia to scatter the ashes of her husband. It’s a story that provides a culmination to fighting cancer, grief and healing. Rosemary is one of the nicest persons I ever met. Her writing in this post is honest, raw and beautiful. I cried several times while reading. It’s one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read in my life. Read here.
  • 5 Talent Acquisition Trends to Watch from China’s blog provides a nice framework to the many of the topics that will be discussed in the busy fall conference season. Her post, I might also add is a great resource for topics and points of view if you are looking for inspirational content for your own blog or articles you are writing. Read here.
  • Philadelphia Now Requires Breastfeed Protection For Employees¬†from The Employer Handbook. This article is great for a number of reasons: I work in HR and I’m a mom who has breastfed my baby. Philadelphia requires that employers allow for employees to use their break time or unpaid time to express milk. Called the lactation law I’m thankful for laws like these. No mother enjoys secretly pumping in the dirty workplace bathroom because they don’t want to lose their job. As new moms, we have enough stress already. Read here.

Top Blogging4Jobs Post of the Week

  • Adding Wearables to Your Workplace Wellness Program by Andi Devers (@thegirlinhr). I’m a huge fan of wearables and am a proponent of using them in the workplace instead of wearable bans like many attorneys and employment law experts are suggesting. Andi shares how they can transform a team and help lower your health care costs as well and increase employee productivity and engagement. Read more.
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