Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

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Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week

Oh, No You Didn’t! Top 10 Mistakes Candidates Make During the “Courtship” Period, Part 1

Oh No You Didn’t! If you’re looking for a job, don’t mess up. This blog gives you helpful tips on how you can land a job without screwing up on the most common mistakes that candidates make during the courtship process. Afterall, meeting, talking, and woo’ing a recruiter is just like a date!

A Work of Art

I like this one. I actually wrote a blog post on this very topic when I was a newly college graduate. HR easy up please! It’s not easy for the applicants, the hoops, hurdles, and tasks given. Can we please change this? Learn what A Work of Art actually is.

Managers: Increase Feedback, Reduce Stress

We LOVE feedback. Do you? If not you should. Why should you? Feedback is your key to success. Feedback will keep your employees wanting more and knowing their strenghts and weaknesses. Are you giving feedback to your employees? Why not? You should.

Confession Of A Networking Pro

I was having a conversation with one of my old interns today and they were just blown away by how everything was taking off for me and that I was doing all this fun stuff for cheap because I knew people. I put this blog on because Networking is my most favorite activity ever and should be yours too!

Overcoming Obstacles of Employement


So you’re unemployed? Or you aren’t happy where you’re at? Don’t give up! Be persisitant! This blog is showing us what to do when discouraged……so go out there and do it! 

We’re done! Unless you have others..well…do you? Post them below! Share with us! Afterall, sharing is caring! 

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  1. Thanks for including us in the Top 5 blog posts of the week, Blake! Part 2 of the series posted yesterday, so be sure to check it out. Enjoy reading your posts – keep up the great work!


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