Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week #GiveThanks Edition

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The day after Thanksgiving means productivity #s are pretty much non-existent, at least for me. Most people who travel do not fly back the day after thanks to high airline prices or extended vacations. Most people don’t get the day after Thanksgiving off and are forced to either take the day off without pay, use PTO, or call in sick because you consumed so much food you simply cannot handle anymore.

This weeks Top 5 Workplace Blogs is going to be a #GiveThanks edition. These blogs have a central theme, giving thanks or at least Thanksgiving-related.


10 Reasons You Lose Gratitude and 16 Ways to Find It by Dan Rockwell: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Dan talks about how you can refind the gratitude that you might’ve lost over the years. Read more

Ask a Manager by Alison Green: In this past weeks edition of Ask a Manager, Green talks about the 5 holiday stories that she’s been asked about. Great read if you want an “what the F” moment. Read more

Five Stories of Giving Thanks and Gratitude by Jennifer Miller: Miller reflects on five different stories, both HR & not about giving thanks and what it means to others. Read more

Black Friday HR-Dorkbuster!!! Silent ADA Accommodation Requests by Eric B Meyer: Meyer shares the story of an employee who got fired then requested an ADA accommodation. Interesting. Read more.


We didn’t post on the topic of #GivingThanks this year, but we’d like to give thanks to ALL of our readers at Blogging4Jobs. With you and our wonderful contributors we wouldn’t be here!

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