Top 5 #Workplace Blogs of the Week

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Who doesn’t love reading the top five blogs of the week? These are blogs that I have personally read throughout the week and have found fantastic. Not going to lie that over half of these, if not most are coming from because it’s a pretty easy RSS feed for me to read on the go. If you’re a practitioner who has a blog, let us know and we’ll add you up there for free.


3 Ways HR Defines Company Culture by Rachelle Falls: How does your HR department define company culture?  Read More.

Why HR & Technology Departments Should Play Nice: Does your tech department and human resources departments play nice? If not, here’s why they should. Read more

Hard-Knock Recruiter Life: “Can You Turn That Down for Me?” by Kris Dunn: A story by Kris Dunn about a recent conversation with a candidate — confusing and befuddled to say the least.  Read More.

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate You by Sarah Williams: Do your employees hate you? Find out five reasons why they do. Read More.

Jury verdicts are just numbers on a paper by John Hyman: $185 million rewarded in a pregnancy discimination case with Autozone? This is one of those jury verdicts you have to read about.  Read More.


The Carnvial of HR: Blogging4Jobs had the honor of hosting the Carnival of HR this month! Read more

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