Top 5 Blogs in the Workplace – #Halloween Edition

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Top 5 Blogs in the Workplace. It’s only fitting that since today is Halloween we’re highlighting our favorite Halloween/HR related blogs of the week! To get on the list, visit and sign up! It’s completely free for practitioners and another way to get extra publicity for your blog!

Top 5 Blogs of the Week – Halloween Edition!

5 Tips for Your Office Halloween Party by @EvilHRLady – She explains the top five tips for hosting your next office Halloween party. Things like being mindful of religion in your workplace might save yourself from a workplace lawsuit. Read more

Happy Halloween! That Psycho Executive Isn’t Just a Costume by @RaviMikkelsen – One of my favorites and not just because it’s posted on our blog, but Ravi takes a true psychological approach to the information on your company’s executives. Read more

Are you the Employee Who Never Wears a Halloween Costume? by @workplacediva – Are you anti-social in the workplace? Spruce up your look and wear something fun for Halloween this year! Read more

Nazis and naughty nurses: 4 bone-chilling dangers of your office Halloween party – Looks like all of the blogs over this week have been about how to avoid lawsuits in the workplace with Halloween. Here’s another great blog on to avoid that dreaded lawsuit during your next holiday party.  Read more

By now we’re just taking the fun out of Halloween parties, but alas, I have one more legal POV about Halloween parties this year.

Trick or Treat: Can Employers Face Liability for Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace? – This is a great blog that discusses if Halloween should even be celebrated in your workplace. Read more

Are you celebrating Halloween today in your workplace? As a practitioner have you taken any precautions to avoid lawsuits?

Happy Halloween!!!

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