Top 10 Vegas Restaurants #HRTechConf

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So you’ve decided to attend HR tech and you only have a total of two maybe three nights in Vegas and you want to try the best cuisine? Where to start? We’ve created a top ten list of our favorite restaurants in Vegas that you must try during your visit (in no particular order):

Sen of Japan: One of my favorite places in Vegas is Sen of Japan quite frankly because I am a lover of sushi. This is by far my favorite. Granted this is a little of the strip, but I have found a lot of places off the strip to be extraordinary.

Culinary Dropout: Another great place makes its home at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The ultimate comfort food experience at a very fair price tag.

Holsteins: If you like a good gourmet milkshake this is your place. This is one of my favorite places to get a great desert that you can’t really find anywhere else in Vegas.

Las Vegas Buffer at the Aria: For those who want an all-you-can-eat style menu during your visit, go here, hands down it’s the best. You can find this at Planet Hollywood.

BurGR: I’m a big fan of this restaurant and if you’re going to Vegas and want to try out one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, this is the place to be. Good burgers and amazing truffle fries.

Restaurant Guy Savoy: I have never eaten here, mainly because of the price tag associated with the bill, but I have heard that this is truly a restaurant where “you get what you pay for” and the high bill is worth everything. You can enjoy this dining experience at Caesars Palace.

CUT at the Palazzo: Inside my favorite Las Vegas hotel, this restaurant is famous for being a Wolfgang Puck steakhouse.

Sugar Factory American Brasserie: I haven’t been to this place, but they say it serves sweets 24/7 including a chocolate lounge whichi sounds pretty amazing.

N9NE Steakhouse: This place not only has mouth-watering steaks, but it also boasts a campfire s’mores that will make your taste buds go crazy.

Le Cirque at the Ballagio: If you’re looking for fine dining and want to spend the money, this is the place to be, French cuisine that’ll have you coming back.

And they continue…

SERENDIPITY 3: From looking at their menu the place looks very whimiscal and I’m pretty sure I have heard of the place, but never visited it personality, looks like I have another place to check out when I visit Vegas! Thanks Eric!

I’m sure there are hidden secrets that I have not yet discovered so for those who are a veterans to the Vegas life, tell let me know! If they’re amazing, I’ll add the to our list!

Check out more insights for #HRTechConf by checking out our unofficial party guide, our top 10 sessions at HR Tech & Vegas for beginners


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