Top 10 Must Attend Sessions at #SHRM14

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You’re going to SHRM. There are a billion different speakers and conference selections to choose from and you’re lost. You have read every session and still cannot pick out which one will help you and your organization the most. Before selecting your session, make sure to download the SHRM Conference app either here for iTunes and Android before you begin. Make sure to sign in either the app or conference site when selecting sessions so you can keep track of your preferred agenda from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Never fear because I have read them about a billion times and have selected the top ten sessions that’ll basically blow your mind. If you take a look over the past year these sessions hit on various topics that have become big topics in Human Resources. These include, employement law cases, hr technology, branding, remote workforces, employee wellness, and employee retention. Make sure to check out these sessions, including Jessica Miller-Merrell’s must-attend session!

The Must-Attend Session of SHRM14.

Of course we have pimp out Blogging4Job’s Founder & Chief Blogger’s session, Jessica Miller-Merrell.

How To Integrate Social Media and Technology into a Workplace Communication and Engagement Strategy by Jessica Miller-Merrell on Monday from 2-3:15PM. During this session we will discuss how top HR leaders are building strategies to drive business results with social and mobile. Learn technology focused tools and strategies that drive engagement through reverse mentoring programs, peer learning programs and company communication especially in times of crisis and emergencies. Hear case studies and examples from Fortune 100 companies as well as small businesses with under 250 employees. Special focus will be placed on metrics and ROI.

Top Ten Sessions of SHRM14

  • The Top 10 Employment Cases of 2014 by Louis Richard Lessig on Monday from 7-8:15AM. The depth and breadth of decisions made this year have continued to challenge even the most seasoned HR professional. But which ones impact you most? What are the critical decisions that will cause you to change the way you handle particular situations or categories of employees?  Learn more.
  • Developing and Effectively Using an HR Dashboard by Conrad Samuels on Monday from 10:45-12:45PM. In a world of numbers a Human Resources department will struggle to show their value in the overall strategic vision in a company. This session will give you the competitive edge in helping to prove the power of your HR department through the use of analytics and data. This session will help you gain a deeper understanding in how big data shapes the HR landscape. Learn more.
  • Technology Meets HR: Selecting and Justifying the Right Solution by Joe Rotella on Monday from 10:45-12:45PMTechnology can help free you from administrivia so you can focus on strategic goals. Rotella will share a seven-step framework you can use to select the right technical solution. You will learn how to justify the investment to decision makers by writing an effective business case. Learn more.
  • How to Master the Inner Game of Self-Promotion and Internal Branding by Sherrin Ross Ingram on Monday from 4-5:15PM. Recognition and advancement often goes to the person most capable of communicating their value. Yet, self-promotion is often shunned because it conjures images of dishonest individuals willing to say anything to achieve their goals.  Learn more.
  • Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce by David Lewis on Tuesday from 7-8:15AM. Yahoo and Best Buy both made the very public decision to end flexible work from home programs. This has led to an avalanche of questions related to the viability of having a flexible workforce who performs their job from home all or some of the time. How do you know that your “work from home” employees are actually working? Learn more.
  • What Every HR Leader Should Know About Strategic Planning by Michael Wikisnsonon Tuesday from 10:45 – 12PM. For HR leaders to gain the ear of senior executives, we must be able to speak and understand strategy. Wilkinson delivers the drivers model, a roadmap for building strategy that demonstrates the critical difference between mission versus vision, goals versus objectives, values versus guiding principles, and critical success factors versus strategies.  Learn more.
  • MEGA SESSION: 15 Ways to Engage Your Employees! by Bob Kelleher on Tuesday from 2:15 – 3:30PM. If you can budget for flip charts, you can afford to learn these methods. Kelleher reminds us an engaged workforce is a cultural transformation which must stand the test of time. This session reinforces 15 practical steps necessary to sustain an engaged culture, improve business results, maintain credibility with employees, while also reinforcing that success involves the “mutual commitment” of both leadership and employees. Learn more.
  • Avoiding the Five Most Dangerous Trends in Employee Wellness by Brad Cooper on Wednesday from 10-11:15 AM. As wellness has become standard for most organizations, several disturbing trends have also developed along the way. In this session, you will learn how to recognize these dangerous trends and identify a strategy for correcting and avoiding them in your organization.  Learn more
  • Doing It On Your Own: The HR Department of One: From CHRO to Admin Assistant  by Lori Kleiman on Wednesday from 10-11:15AM. Many organizations have a single HR practitioner. The executive team expects you to have CHRO depth of knowledge, the employees want answers to their question now. Finance wants benefit bills yesterday. How do you navigate to meet the needs of all your internal customers? Learn more.
  • Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye on Wednesday from 11:30 – 12:45PM. Today’s leaders need coaching that helps them nurture, engage and motivate key employees.  Talent-minded managers know that in order for a company to be productive and competitive, they must not only “hang on” to good people, but also continually engage and develop them to meet constantly changing business needs.  Learn more.

Which session are you most excited for? Is there a keynote speaker, SHRM party or expo hall booth that you are looking forward to swinging by or attending? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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