Top 10 Must Attend Sessions at #SHRM15

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You’re going to SHRM. There are a billion different speakers and conference selections to choose from and you’re lost. You have read every session and still cannot pick out which one will help you and your organization the most. Before selecting your session, make sure to download the SHRM Conference app either here for iTunes and Android before you begin. Make sure to sign in either the app or conference site when selecting sessions so you can keep track of your preferred agenda from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Never fear because I have read them about a billion times and have selected the top ten sessions that’ll basically blow your mind. If you take a look over the past year these sessions hit on various topics that have become big topics in Human Resources. These include employment law cases, hr technology, branding, remote workforces, employee wellness, and employee retention. Make sure to check out these sessions, including my debut SMART Stage Presentation.

The Must-Attend Session of SHRM15.

Of course I have decided to pimp out myself first…..join me on the SMART Stage this year as I debut my speaking gig!

Attract and Engage the Next Gen Workforce: How to Hire Millennials & Gen Z and Why It Matters by Blake McCammon on Tuesday from 10 – 10:20AM. Everyone seems to be an expert on this topic, but it’s rare we actually hear the ideas and opinions coming from Millennials themselves. I’m going to debunk the myth that the Millennial is a generation to be feared in the workplace and that we’re just a larger, more technologically friendly generation. Learn more.

Top Ten Sessions of SHRM15

The Black Guy in C-Suite: Diversity Hiring Practices by Marlin D. Smith on Monday from 7-8:15AM. This session will provide insight on what it means to be a diversity candidate. For years we have looked at diversity from the company’s perspective. We have defended its benefits, calculated the ROI and impact on the bottom line. However, what does diversity mean to “diversity candidates?  Learn more.

Social Business: Social Media Concepts Throughout the Employment Lifecycle by Joe Rotella on Monday from 10:45-12:45PM. Learn how social media trends and the social business are changing recruiting, development, engagement and performance management. Social media started out as all fun. Then businesses learned to use it for advertising. HR picked up on the trend and started using social media for recruiting. Now social media has become social business.  Learn more.

Nine Minutes on Monday: The Quick and Easy Way to Turn Managers into Leaders by James Robbins on Monday from 2 – 3:15PMNine Minutes on Monday will give you a simple blueprint to help you execute the nine employee needs which drive the engagement, motivation and productivity of your staff. Managers around the world are feeling the pressure of having too many plates to spin. This session will help take much of the stress out of leadership. By following the Nine Minutes on Monday formula, you will see an increase in employee engagement, a greater loyalty in your staff, and higher morale among your team. Learn more.

We’re Bringing Techy Back! by Tim Sackett & Kris Dunn on Monday from 2-3:15PM. This session will cut through the complexity and confusion of HR technology and arm you with knowledge and answers. The average HR pro has no idea what HR technology is actually needed to make their HR function as effective as possible. This session will give you what tech you should have, what tech is a waste of time and money, what tech you should consider to take your HR shop to the next level. Learn more.

Disability = Diversity: Create an Inclusive Culture that Engages a Workforce with Diverse Abilities by Shavonne Singleton & Sarah George on Tuesday from 10:45–12PM. Learn business strategies and principles for bringing together a diverse mix of employees to create an inclusive workplace. Mixing more than 2,000 employees – 80% with a disability, 31 nationalities and 28 languages may not exactly sound like a recipe for workforce success. Learn more.

“Blurred Lines”: The Perils of Workplace Romance by Joseph L. Beachboard Tuesday from 7 – 8:15PM. You will learn strategies for managing workplace romance and avoiding the many pitfalls these relationships can cause. Workplace relationships can end badly for both the individuals involved and their employer.  Learn more.

Understanding Metrics: How to Connect HR’s Goals to Your Business’ Strategy by Ryan Kohler on Tuesday from 2:15 – 3:30PM. You will learn the key metrics vital to your organization’s success and how to ensure that you have a seat at the executive table. HR is required to add value to the overall objectives of your organization by ensuring that your department’s goals align with your company’s business strategy.  Learn more.

Trust-ol-o-gy: The Art and Science of Leading High Trust Teams by Richard Fagerlin on Tuesday from 4-5:15 PM. This session will provide practical ideas, tools and resources on how give, get and grow trust.
Trust is the key ingredient to business success. It’s time you stopped being affected by trust’s biggest lies and started approaching trust from a whole new perspective. Learn more.

Getting the C-Suite’s Attention: Seven Strategies to Transform from HR Leader to Business Leader by Jennifer McClure on Tuesday from 4-5:15PM. You will learn seven high-impact areas where you can add significant value & achieve recognition for contributions to your organization’s strategic plan. A business leader’s strategic importance is never measured by their position on the organization chart but by results.  Learn more.

Running an HR Department of One by Donna Rogers & Dave Ryan on Wednesday from 10:00 – 11:15AM. Learn how to organize your job into manageable segments and explore tools and resources that support the one-person HR shop. Have you ever wondered how other HR professionals keep their head above water when they have zero help on a day-to-day basis?   Learn more.

Which session are you most excited for? Is there a keynote speaker, SHRM party or expo hall booth that you are looking forward to swinging by or attending? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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