The Carnival of HR

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We’re very excited to host the Carnival of HR this month. As a multi-contributor blog we post articles on a wide array of topics as it relates to the HR field. That being said we decided to go with no theme this carnival and invite those who had written really good blog posts that they believed in over the past couple of weeks to be displayed for everyone to see!

The Carnival of HR


We’ll start off about the only post about the holidays that was submitted this month.

A Manager’s Guide for the Holiday Season: Dan McCarthy from talks about the challenges managers face during the holiday season. He gives some great tips on how to overcome the hurdles invovled in holiday planning. Read more


When it comes to leadership we have a few blogs to talk about during this month’s carnvial.

What Makes you an “HR Influencer?”: Shameless self plug here. I wrote a blog  about what it takes to become a true influencer. Read more

Leadership Development: Learning from the Military: Wally Bock from Envisia Learning talks about how the military has excelled at leadership development and what HR can learn from the military when developing their own employees. Read more

Vendors and Education – Servant Leadership: Dwane Lay from LeanHR talks about servant leadership and how vendors shouldn’t sell, sell, sell at conference they’re pitched to speak at. He gives a good real world example on companies and professionals who are doing it right. Read more. 

5 Questions That Will Help you be a Better Leader: Jesse Lyn Stoner from Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership talks about 5 questions that will help you become a better leader. This blog talks about looking from within and asking yourself specific questions on becoming a better leader. Read more

The Power of Your Voice: Zusan Mazza of Random Acts of Leadership talks about the power of ones voice. She talks about a conference she went to and how the speaker was telling inspirational stories about those continuously challenging the status quo. Read more

Work & Life

Work/Life balance is something that not a lot of people get right. I’ve pretty much given up on the work/life balance concept. Here are some blogs for those who haven’t given up on managing your life and others who give good advice in finding more about yourself that you might not have wanted to know.

I Hate My Job and My Life! Solutions that Help…: Georgiana-Florina Mihalche from HR FAQ talks about real life solutions that can help you get out of this specific situation. You don’t really hate your life, but here are solutions to help you get out of that mindset. Read more

5 Reasons You SHOULD take the Interview: Will Thomson from Bullseye Recruiting talks about how when opportunities arise to advance your professional career — take them. Learn 5 reasons he recommends you taking interviews that come your way. Read more

Work Viewed Through a Constant Lens: Mike VanDervort talks about cameras at work and how employees might be under constant supervison via cameras, etc. Read more

Company Culture

The opinions of company culture vary from person to person and industry to industry. Here are some opinions on this topic by leaders in the HR space.

Culture: You Can’t Fake It: Robin Schooling from HR Schoolhouse talks about company culture and how it’s something you can’t fake. Learn to build a company culture authetically or it won’t succeed. Read more.

How to Use Humor: The Humor Map: Andrew Tarvin from Humor That Works talks about using humor in the workplace for a variety of reasons. He talks about the Humor Map and when it’s appropriate or not to use humor. Read more

How to Deal with a Workplace Bully: Stephanie Hammerwold on Blogging4Jobs talks about how to deal with the workplace bully and the ramifications on your company culture if these employees aren’t dealt with. Read more

Organizational Structure, Pay, and More!

Wrapping up the HR Carnival this year is three posts on organizational management, pay within your organization, and labor management topics!

Is Pay Secrecy Disappearing in the Private Sector?: Mike Haberman from Omega HR Solutions talks about pay secrecy versus pay transparency in the workplace. Read more

Why HR & Technology Departments Should Play Nice: Does your tech department and human resources departments play nice? If not, here’s why they should. Read more

The (Lesser) Rights of the Unionized Worker: Unions are big issues in todays workplace. Stuart Rudner from Rudner MacDonald LLP talks about the legal implications of the unionized worker. Read more

Managing the Organization as a System with many Stakeholders: John Hunter from the Curious Cat Management blog talks about how to manage an organization when there are multiple stakeholders involved in the process. Read more

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