Technology: Finding the Better Way

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HR Tech. What is it really? Are we talking about the latest software? The newest ATS with the best functionality? Perhaps it is the best mobile app that, with the push of a button, allows you to see the job seekers sitting in the food court of your local mall. Maybe it is the clearest digital headset available or the next generation of Skype.  Perhaps it is a social platform allowing a seamless interface between job seekers and hiring managers.

What do you want?

Whatever your fancy, it is probably out there, in some form or another, and I guarantee – under further development.  Continually developing techs survive, they make it to the next release, the next conference, the next inception, through the current and next recession.  In a week or so, there will be an opportunity to study the latest and the greatest – perhaps even get a sneak preview:  the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference will take place in Chicago, IL.  I will be there – my company will be there.  I plan on watching, listening, reviewing, and sharing. That is what a conference like this is all about. Learning.

I have attended many conferences over the last eleven years. I have also exhibited at many conferences. But given where we are, today, with the fast pace of technology changes – this particular conference has me very excited.  I get to walk and talk among “experts” and also sit in on a few sessions which promise to teach.

While I hesitate to call anyone an expert, especially in technology, there are those who know their own particular market and product offering best. They will be pitching and presenting.  Of course, they are technically experts.  Five years ago, I would not have believed there was such a thing.  But today, the experts are those who are flexible enough to keep up and have the tenacity and desire to be not only early adopters, but early creators.

The Better Way

There is always a better way. Seeking out that better way is not only a passion of mine, it often feels like a call of duty.  A tech company I once recruited for often cited General Hannibal Barca “We will either find a way, or make one.”
The quote is about Hannibal’s stunning victory, but was used to back the importance of strategy and tactics…about finding or making a way – a better way – to achieve success.  This lesson has stuck with me through the years and is a personal mantra.  Finding the better way in my work, in how I communicate, in how I parent, in how I love…  There is always room for improvement.

It sounds pretty obsessive, I know.  And I suppose it is. But if I stop seeking, if I stop striving, what have I then to live and work for? I could just  sit on my porch and watch the sun set and while I admit it is nice, the work – the continual search raises my appreciation considerably.  And while the view may be nice and the work nonexistent, I stand to lose so much – mostly my footing.  I cannot afford to stop learning. I cannot afford to stop improving, to stop seeking more.  Enough is not enough – enough is not as good as a feast – for I am constantly famished.  Lucky for me, knowledge is like Jello, there is always room for more.





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