Tackling Your Next Career Change Head-on

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For change?  Are you still motivated to get up every morning and go to work? …Or are you just slowly slipping into depression?  What’s your next career “chess move” in life?


Sometimes I wish things were the way they used to be.  When I was fresh out of college, I was so happy to start working.  I was gunna’ be somebody.  I was going to be successful!  There was this older woman that worked in my office though…I constantly thought about her.  She had been in her job for at least 25 years and her sole responsibility was to handle the mail – that’s it.  Can you imagine doing her job??!  I would lose my mind.  She, however, seemed completely content.


I went to college and therefore developed higher level thinking skills. …And college has been the “thing to do” for a good solid 20 something years.  It’s actually assumed that everyone is supposed to go off to somewhere and get some B.S., B.A. or ABC to put after their name.  I mean, let’s suppose your kid wanted to be a plumber and you were a college graduate.  How would that sit with you?  (Sadly, we’ve all become narrow-minded in how to define success!)

Here’s the problem with all this “higher level thinking” crap, though.  The human race (at least in the U.S.) has evolved emotionally to the point that we all want to add our 2 cents to the pot.  We’ve bought in to the “collaborative movement” and we want our voices to be heard.  The stark reality is that most of us still work in hierarchy based work environments….we’re just pretending to be collaborative!

I could go on to give statistics, reference articles and get into the deep psychology of it all…but I think Steve Jobs sums it up really well (God rest his soul).

“…You (companies) have to be run by ideas not hierarchy…the best ideas have to win otherwise good people don’t stay…” 

Corporate America is falling apart because there’s a generational collision and a changing of the guards.  They’re struggling to understand what it means to be inclusive and diversified.  The Non-Profits are even scarier…they’ve honed the skill to be nice and “present well”….but they’re just the devil in disguise.


Hmm…I think history always repeats itself, but first it has to go through the eye of the storm of change.

The woman who handled the mail was content with her lower level thinking job and it didn’t make her any less important.  She knew what her responsibilities were, valued her job for what is was, and got on with enjoying life.

I, however, want my voice to be heard.  I want to collaborate – I can’t help it.  I would LOVE to work in an environment like Steve Job describes…wouldn’t YOU?

Are you ready to PARTICIPATE and go through the eye of the storm of change…or are you just going to sit on the sidelines?

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