Sustaining Participation in Your Corporate Wellness Programs

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At the core of any corporate wellness program is the philosophy that if we treat our teams and ourselves with the same level of service or care that we would our customers, then everyone wins and we are truly creating a healthy work environment. The benefits are tenfold: from lower health insurance costs as an employer, to reduced employee turnover and a healthier, happier workforce – all leading to happier customers – few would argue that having one in place isn’t worthwhile.

One of the main challenges of wellness programs is keeping people involved for the long haul. Just as New Year’s resolutions taper off by April…or February…employee participation in wellness programs may fluctuate year after year. Here are my 3 tips to help prevent an extreme drop in wellness program participation numbers.

3 Tips for Sustaining Participation in your Corporate Wellness Program

Visible Leadership in Action

Just like any other program, project, or incentive, if leaders aren’t visible or actively participating/showing interest, the rest of the group is likely to follow by their example. One of the most common issues with wellness programs is sustaining the same level of participation in the middle or towards the end as there was at the beginning. Employees need to see active leadership – literally. It gives them permission to make time for exercise and practice healthy habits at work.

Raise the Stakes

We all need incentives or motivation for what we do and health and wellness is no exception. If you notice your participation numbers are dropping off or people aren’t reaching their wellness goals, increase your incentives. The savings in the long run are far greater than the price you need to pay at the beginning to get people onboard and committed.

Give More Options

Along with motivation, we also like choices. Offering people more options for ways to participate will help your employees find the wellness opportunities that are best for their unique needs. Not everyone’s health is the same, so offering a variety of choices that address the 7-wellness dimensions allows for a bit of personalization, which is what we’ve implemented at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® and have seen very successful numbers over the years. The 7-wellness dimensions are social, emotional, financial, mental, professional, spiritual, and physical health. After all – one size does not fit all!

Creating a holistic model of care in your wellness program that addresses the 7-wellness dimensions, combined with active leadership, exciting incentives, and a variety of options will help your organization sustain participation in your wellness programs for the long run.

What are other ways to sustain participation in corporate wellness programs?

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