Today is #VoteforSteveBrowne Day

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After graduating from college and landing in HR, I was lost. I didn’t know a single thing about HR. I realized that there were things I didn’t know and was smart enough to go searching for the resources and support I thought I would need. I found myself a mentor and joined SHRM in 2002. Both these decisions had a profound impact on me.

My involvement with SHRM has grown, changed and evolved over the years. I have some great friends who work at SHRM. I’ve been a member of a state council board, and in my inner workings with them I realize the only way to impact change is to be involved and to support those who are and do which is what I’m doing today.

Meet Steve Browne

Steve Browne is listed on the ballot for the SHRM Board of Directors, and in all truth, this is the second time in 13 years I have voted in the election. It’s the first time I actually know someone who is in the running.

I believe the best way to impact change at SHRM is to have many friends and peers working, volunteering and involved in different facets of the organization. I believe having Steve on the board of directors allows SHRM members to be supported and heard from in a way they may have never been in SHRM’s history.


Steve Browne is more than a stand up guy. He loves the human resources industry and has worked towards helping shape its future as a SHRM member, volunteer and most recently as a MAC Representative. He’s an HR trench practitioner which to me is extremely important. He understands the average SHRM member because he is “one of us.” I am looking forward to having a guy like Steve on the SHRM board representing me.

And so today I voted using my electronic SHRM ballot I received earlier this week via email. You may have received a paper ballot in the mail. Whatever way you vote is completely fine. I only ask that you do vote because HR is more important for an organization than ever. We’re also more misunderstood than ever before. I am asking that you consider voting for Steve Browne. He’s someone who is working hard to impact and drive change at the SHRM organization. He’s someone who is helping to change perceptions and assumptions about who is HR in the business community.

Haven’t received your SHRM ballot? Shoot an email over to or tweet @SHRM. 

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  1. It was a long day for me today, but I want to comment while it is still #voteforstevebrowne day. Like you, Steve provided support and inspiration when I first joined the HR blogging community a few years ago. I wonder how many who share similar stories of his passion for the HR profession..and his words of support and kindness to others.

    Your words ring true and I agree 1,000,000%: I believe having Steve on the board of directors allows SHRM members to be supported and heard from in a way they may have never been in SHRM’s history.


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