Shift Happens and so do Rifts

Uncomfortable yet necessary. That's the underlying thought process and mission behind Blogging4Jobs. It's part of the change process. Change behind the uncomfortableness is never easy.
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“Change occurs slowly.
Very often a legal change might take place but the cultural shift required to really accept its spirit lingers in the wings for decades.”
Sara Sheridan, author

No one likes change

I mean, who does, really? I just cut five inches off my hair – I like to shake it up every once in while.  Five inches isn’t very much when you have waist length hair, but if your hair is only shoulder length? The impact and the look are completely different.  Impact must be considered when change is evident or when moving in a different direction, to a different place. Altered expectations doesn’t necessarily mean unhappy or unexpected outcomes.

Not everyone is ready for change. Not everyone thinks change is necessary. Not everyone can handle change with grace-laced tenacity.

Shift Happens

There is a shift happening among people who talk, write, work in, and care about talent acquisition and talent management and their supporting technologies. There are those who talk about the importance of employment branding or the candidate experience. Some are even brave enough to confront and consider the employee experience, how onboarding fails, and what we need  to / should do differently to correct and then ratify a new direction.

The movement

There is talk about a movement, about new leadership, about change of focus, about a shift, dare I suggest of the paradigm kind? Anyone who has been active in the HR/recruiting industry for the last ten years knows how change of thought or action tends to flip everything upside down and cause quite a stir. There have been those who argued the job board is dead – they didn’t die, but job boards did change. There were/are those who argued/argue still that LinkedIn is not social media. There are those who declared loud and long that social recruiting doesn’t exist and never will, but if it does – it will kill recruiting. There are those who said the resume is dead – not yet, but again, it has changed, as was needed when we consider how Applicant Tracking Systems work their black magic making applications/resumes disappear in a puff of smoke when keywords are missing or formatting is wonky.  There are those who said technology will eliminate the need for a recruiter – not quite, but it has changed how we post and pray, source and slay.

There is no denying that a shift – a change – a movement is happening. The internet, which includes social, blogging, video, podcasts, and mobile has changed how we do business. Hiring is a key business function – of course the internet of things will change, shift and move how we find and recruit and retain talent. What is gained by denying the shift, by sidestepping the movement? Perhaps just a last-dash grab and “how things were” – again, not everyone embraces challenge and change quickly or easily.

A Cultural Shift

I have many friends in various industries who see change coming – some fight it, some wax their boards and ride the wave, just going where it takes them, without a real plan or strategy. Some swim for shore. Some build a bigger boat.

But some look beyond the swell to see what is next, to methodically choose the perfect board to ride the perfect wave or take advantage of the perfect storm.

The Rift

And the response? Typically a rift, opposite directions, opposite trains of thought, opposite course of action: one going with the flow and one swimming against a riptide, in an attempt to beat the odds – to start something new. Finding a new way, a better way, requires thought, action, and a helluva alotta work. Not everyone is up for the task. Some fight it with all their might. And still others sit on the sidelines to either stir the pot or pick up the leftovers.

Where do you stand? Maybe you don’t stand, maybe you climb – maybe you run. Whatever your course, give your all. But there is a chance you are wrong, so be careful with your proclamations of right.

“The first ingredient to being wrong is to claim that you are right.”
– Criss JamiAmerican Poet and Philosopher 

by Rayanne Thorn

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