Recruiting the Now Gen

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The Now Generation

They are not necessarily under 20 years old.  They are not necessarily under 25 years old.   Or even under 30.  The Now Generation is anyone who has embraced the technology used today which is changing how we do business. It may be mobile technology – it may be social – it may be location-based tech.  It may even be a rudimentary understanding of online networking. The Now Gen are members of today’s workforce who have adopted and adapted to the speed of tech dev and have taken the plunge.  See? Even I, as a 50 year old mother of four – former junior high volleyball coach and long-time dental assistant – am part of The Now Generation.

Quick Story

Stopped at my favorite Starbucks yesterday – yes, I am the Foursquare mayor there – and while I waited for my drink…, I had an interesting conversation with one of my favorite baristas.  I asked her how school was going, she declared, with a triumphant pull of the espresso handle, that she had finished.  I congratulated her and asked, “So, what are you going to do now?”  She revealed that when she wasn’t a shift manager at Starbucks, she recruited techies for software companies.  I smiled broadly and said, “No way!”  I gave her the names of few other places that might be hiring experienced recruiters – especially now that she had a degree.  She listened intently and then proceeded to tell me about a past client (nameless new software company) who had engaged with her – the agency she worked for – to hire a few techies. She delivered several quality and qualified candidates.  One, in particular, worked at a large, quickly-growing social tech company – he was a perfect candidate.  But the client didn’t like the LinkedIn profiles of any of her presented candidates.

My Recruiter-Barista was not happy as she related this story all while making lattes and iced coffees, scooping foam and swooshing whipped cream, with vigor and accomplishment.  It wasn’t long after she presented a great field of candidates that the client disengaged, canceling the contract and reneging on their agreement.  In a very short time, her stellar candidate from the quickly growing social tech company contacted her via LinkedIn, in 140 characters or less, thanking her for all she had done to help him get the job… They had hired him – the candidate SHE presented.  #Scum

Unethical Behavior Still Lurks

It was so discouraging for me to hear this story – so very discouraging. Mostly because I LOVE technology – especially the smaller companies which are agile and flexible, growing and needy. I loved hiring for them and I loved working for them. It seems incredible to me that this crap still exists, lingering like a bad smell, and that opportunity is clouded in unethical and dishonest behavior. That a member of the Now Generation was disillusioned and unimpressed in her attempt to make a difference as a recruiter. She is good people. We need more members of the Now Gen embracing the job of recruiting from the inside – those who love the trenches and don’t mind getting dirty. Those with that PHD – poor, hungry, and driven to make a difference. We need them. And a scum bag CEO from a no-name tech company stole her thunder and her pride in her profession.

The basics

The basics of how we recruit hasn’t changed – it is about, on the ground floor, engagement – she had that intangible. She knew how to attract talent. She knew the personal investment required for recruiting success. And she received mud on her face in return.

And I will keep telling these stories – I will keep exposing failings and highlighting hard work. We need bright spots. We need inner influence to help us all do better – to find the better way.

Fighting the Good Fight

I connected with my Recruiter-Barista on LinkedIn once I returned to my desk following my coffee break. Once a recruiter, always a recruiter. I hope she sees other bright spots and knows that there are those still fighting the good fight in the trenches of the day, in the emails sent after hours, and the hard work we so often highlight in our community, our industry, our space…


by Rayanne Thorn





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  1. Being a young recruiter with an agency background, I really related to this article. There’s a lot of things that can take the wind out of your sails starting out in this profession. Thanks for sharing–keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Talent_Angler —

    You too! I think if enough of us fight the good fight, we’ll see results and it will only get better.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    -Fight on!


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