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We want to extend a super big THANK YOU to our sponsor Jibe for hosting Big Data Week on Blogging4Jobs. With over 40 million timeline deliveries and nearly 2,000 tweets in one week, #BigDataHR became the hottest topic in the HR space last week according to HR Marketer. Don’t forget to  join our webinar, “What’s the Big Deal with Big Data in HR & Recruiting” on April 17th at 11a EST.

Last week Blogging4Jobs delivered 30+ blogs on the topic of Big Data. In case you were hiding under a rock or on vacation last week here are the top 5 blogs from our themed week.

Questioning “Big Data” in Talent Acquisition?: Big data plays a big role in shaping the future of talent acquisition. Are you using it in your strategies and proceses?. Read More.

People Analytics: Cracking the Big Data: Crack the big data code. It won’t be easy, but this blog will unlock all the secrets.  Read More.

Have No Fear About Scary Big Data: Big data isn’t as scary as everyone thinks. Learn how to get rid of your fear and how big data will jumpstart your practices.  Read More.

5 Common HR Goals and How Big Data Can Help You Achieve Them: Learn how to achieve your goals in HR with big data.  Read More.

Making Big Data Work for You : Learn to make big data work for you. See examples from companies who are already harnessing the power of big data. It’s different for everyone. Read More.

Thanks again to Jibe and don’t forget to wrap up the week with our webinar, “What’s the Big Deal with Big Data in HR & Recruiting” on April 17th at 11a EST. 

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