Practitioner Spotlight: Steve Levy, @LevyRecruits

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m an engineer who crossed over to the dark side into recruiting and HR. Within the recruiting space, there are some who with little time on their hands have recognized me as one of the top people to follow, not only for my insights into all things recruiting but also for my honesty and candor (I have a problem with tempering my filter ;).

I suppose I could offer up some fluffy words about how I’m so good at blah-blah-blah but that wouldn’t be my style; instead, here’s my LinkedIn profile with more details and content.

Why HR? What made you pick this field?

I didn’t – it picked me.

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

I was one of the very early people on – back then the Electronic Recruiting Exchange. It was an incredible community comprised of some of the smartest people EVER in recruiting, many of whom I now call very good friends. We gave birth to Internet recruiting and in the Forum section of the site, people would ask the community about their recruiting challenges and the community would answer back; so many answers were of blog length.

So when ERE’s Founder, David Manaster, decided that the community needed blogs, he asked me to become there first Blogger (my bud, Shally Steckerl became Blogger #2 a few days later). So I’ve been at this since November 2004 – though I primarily write about organizations, HR, recruiting, and careers, there isn’t a topic that I’m not afraid to cover. [evil laugh]

What’s your spirit animal and why?

My spirit animals are Derek Zeller and Matt Charney, and I’m the bastard son of Gerry Crispin.

What’s your favorite social media channel?

Twitter – because it’s a tease; Blogging – because it’s a window to my soul. I recently reappeared on Facebook after a 2 year absence but am using it solely to keep up with several recruiting communities. LinkedIn isn’t social for most of the world – it’s just another resume database with lots of fake profiles. Both Twitter and Facebook are incredible time sucks but if used correctly can give any recruiter great insight into people, PEST issues (political, economic, social, technological), and how close society is to becoming Soylent Green)

What’s happening in HR that has you most excited?

I heard a rumor that there are some people in HR who actually know how to read a balance sheet. I’m all verklempt just thinking about this.

In one word, what does the future of HR hold?


How can people contact you?

Twitter or my blog.


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