HR Practitioner Spotlight: Josh Rock, @jrock96

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Tell us about yourself.

Josh Rock, Recruiter with Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis and Communications & Technology Director for Minnesota SHRM. I started my career being turned away by HR professionals as a recruitment media salesman. I listened, helped, and counseled hiring managers across the country through the pains of hiring new employees. I’ve since seen my error of my ways and joined the profession.

Why HR? What made you pick this field?

It all started when I sold radio ads to my later employer, JobDig/LinkUp. I quickly found that I had an excitement and passion for jobs. From helping companies fill them to helping people get one via media or attending job fairs; I fed on the energy of it all. So now I do it all day, every day (there may or may not be a supply of Mt. Dew at the ready).

What inspired you to first start writing your blog?

Well I don’t blog as much as I tweet and use other social mediums. Since I’m not the most eloquent writer, I find it hard to screw up 140 characters.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

My quiz results came back with a Tiger. I’m blaming my wife on this as she probably paid the quiz maker off to reflect my ability to snore like this hunter’s roar.

What’s your favorite social media channel?

Twitter is my “go to”. Every Monday night from you’ll find me moderating #Jobhuntchat, a job seeking advice chat. I’ve been contributing to it for over 5 years. I also manage the social media for MN SHRM. Although mostly business, you’ll find me tweeting a bunch about hockey too. From ref rants to reasons why the objective is dead, I can cover it all in a hashtag or two

What’s happening in HR that has you most excited?

Movement – people are moving around again and at a vibrant pace. It’s exciting to see people jazzed about what they do and where they’re going again.

In one word, what does the future of HR hold?


How can people contact you?

Twitter or LinkedIn


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