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Recruiting Trends

Are there really innovative trends happening out there? Sometimes, it just feels like a regurgitation of the same old, same old.  An HR Tech Analyst wrote on Forbes last summer about the nine hottest trends for corporate recruiting and claimed that “tremendous innovation is taking place in the recruiting market.”  I have trouble buying all the talk of recruiting innovation and whether or not it will have an impact or better the process or industry, as is needed.


I have been writing about recruiting trends for years and recently wrote about some Ever-Trends for hiring here on Blogging4Jobs.  I love that some tried and true methods still work best, but I also love that we are starting to see a shift.  I want there to be a shift because it means change is happening, that it is being implemented. I think the biggest trend we are seeing is the adaption and adoption of mobile technology into the workplace and this includes recruiting / hiring.  If jobseekers are adopting and adapting to a different mode of communication, it stands to reason that the industry they step into for job search better be there to fill the gaping hole or gap that has been created between employers and employees.  If you build it, they may not come… but if they build it, use it, adapt to it, you sure as hell better get on the bandwagon that’s rolling right past you and your recruitment practice or HR/recruiting department.

What does it mean when a key analyst in HR and Recruiting technology fails to point a finger at mobile as a rising necessary tech/trend for corporate recruiting?  Does it mean it doesn’t matter or that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with it?   Is it a simple error in judgement or a failure to acknowledge the giant group of people corporate recruiters should be conforming to in order to reach and attract? Mobile is hot.  It isn’t going away, it will only become bigger and more powerful – and thus a necessity.  Not submitting to this mode of comms as a trend is like saying “Woohoo, faxing is a great way to receive a resume!”

Innovation and Success

I want to see the industry grow and excel in innovation and success to prove that recruiters are innovative and successful, no longer the smarmy, used-car salesmen from 20 years ago.  I want to be proud that recruiters and HR professionals have risen to the occasion, that they are adaptable and want to better themselves and their practice.  Many recruiters will sit back and say, “This is how I’ve always done it and I am successful – so I don’t need to change…”  Maybe so, but here’s the thing – if you are calling your candidates, chances are you are calling their cell phone. If you are emailing your candidates/applicants, chances are they are opening your email on a mobile device of some kind.  You ARE using mobile, whether you think you are or not.  What happens when an email doesn’t render well on mobile?  Most people delete it.  Whether or not you think you have a mobile strategy doesn’t matter, your audience does.

Quality Hires Quickly

The truth?  Improving processes helps HR Professionals and Recruiters to hire quality quickly.  Alter your thinking about this from dreaded change to improvement.  This is the time that jobseekers own: it’s a buyers’ market.  They control where they go to look for a job.  They control how they apply.  And they control what they will say about you after the application / interview / offer process.  Consider this as improving the Candidate Experience.  Change is often uncomfortable but necessary.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

Start now…

by Rayanne Thorn






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  1. Thanks Rayanne

    Great article!

    You are so right when you say “Mobile is hot. It isn’t going away, it will only become bigger and more powerful – and thus a necessity.”

    Having run mobile recruitment conferences since 2010 I am still amazed at the lack of urgency from recruiters to go mobile! I can’t help think that part of this inertia is down to lack of knowledge as to what to do next and underestimating its importance to job seekers?

    That’s why we have introduced the Mobile Recruitment Awards

    Designed to acknowledge companies from around the world who are leading the way in embracing Mobile Recruitment, the awards will also help raise awareness of the current Mobile Recruiting best practices.

    So hopefully by this time next year we won’t still have the low mobile adoption rates!

    Mike Taylor

    • Thanks Mike.
      Keep us posted about your events/awards.
      We are all about keeping up with hot trends and sharing “secrets” with our readers…


  2. Great insight here. I especially liked this point: “Whether or not you think you have a mobile strategy doesn’t matter, your audience does.” It’s true. Mobile is here, whether you’re ready for it or not. Along with mobile career sites and mobilized application processes, even tools like employee referral programs should incorporate mobile. Not only does it help you reach more candidates, it also allows on-the-go or remote employees to participate in the referral process.

    RolePoint |
    • Thanks RolePoint – and you are so right…
      Hopefully, recruiting teams and their leaders will get the point and get on the ball.



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