Attracting Millennials in the Workplace Are Easier Than You Think

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I’m no stranger to self-promotion. This year during SHRM I am going to be speaking on the SMART Stage and it’s almost my cherry popping experience speaking in front of a crowd with a presentation. I speak a lot during hackathons that I run, but the slide deck is not really knowledge dropping stuff, instead it’s more rules, regulations, our history, etc.

How to Attract Millenials in the Workplace

This year I am talking about how Millennials in the workplace. They are tired of older generations talking about how we like to eat our lunch or how we like to be managed. Each expert in the space thinks they know what’s up when it comes to my generation, but the truth is they really don’t. There are thousands of surveys out there that claim to understand the Millennial employee when they still don’t after all of that research.

There aren’t nuances to taming the Millennial employee and I plan on speaking how our generation is like all previous generations in how we think, but with the adoption of technology and us being the largest generation since Baby Boomers, practitioners are afraid and there’s no need to be.

Spoiler: It’s not much different then how you’ve attracted employees in the past. We’re not that different, but the technology is.

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  1. Hi Blake, it would be interesting to find out more about your approach to attracting Millennials. We’ve developed the app that’s dedicated to keeping them motivated an engaged in the workplace – I wonder what’s your opinion –


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