Leadership in HR

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I remember when I was going to college in the early 80’s hearing this radical new rock group called the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the college alt rock station.  I couldn’t believe my ears!!  They were fresh, unique and extremely radical.  It was so hard to categorize them and it still is all these years later.

What in the world does this have to do with leadership?

The Chili Peppers decided to take a new path and blaze it versus being another carbon copy of the bands around them.  Sure, other copycats had limited success, but none of the bands that took the “formula” method made it to the Rock Hall of Fame!!

Again, where’s the leadership angle??

In most organizations HR tends to take a middle of the road stance on most issues.  It does show great collaboration, but it never moves from center.  Leadership takes a bold move to reach forward.  Too many peers use the ” I need to wait for Senior Management ” approach.  How can HR ever expect to be part of that team if they are always waiting for permission?  I used to have this stance as well.  The unfortunate reality of being a middle dweller is that Senior Management actually expects more!!

Have you taken a look in your organization to see what the role of HR could be?  Leadership through HR is an amazing and sustainable way to truly add value to what your company does.  This isn’t just a pep talk.  It’s a fact.

When (not if) you step out and reach for that “higher ground” in your role and your organization, you will experience a response that you need to gauge.  If the organization winces and wants you to stay put in the middle, then you really know how they view HR and the limits they will expect you to abide by.  If they look at you curiously, then they’re waiting to see what you’re going to do, and you may be able to move HR forward!!  If they get to the “of course we expect that from HR,” then you’ve reached a peak from which to lead – along with others in your organization.

You see, this isn’t supposed to be a one person effort – even if you’re the only person in HR.  Great leadership in any arena involves many and not one.  The Peppers are a band – not a bunch of solo artists who happen to work beside each other.

Leadership starts with the first step.  Isn’t it time you took yours??

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