13 Best Job Search Engines and Aggregators

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I think it is pretty safe to assume that we all know what a job search engine is. However, it seems that it is less common to know what a job aggregator is. In all actuality they are essentially the same thing. Job aggregators “are true “job search engines” that collect job postings from other sites across the web (including employer career sites and paid job boards) and store them in a very large database where they are searchable by job seekers.” Career experts like About.com’s Allison Doyle recommend job search aggregator sites for candidates because users can search and locate job openings fast. Current trends show these types of sites being used far more than the job boards and staffing agencies that dominated this market in the past.

Given the rise in use of this sort of job search tool, employers that don’t post their positions to these websites often see far less hits on their job postings than those that do. These types of search engines have quickly become one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the talent to your job postings.

Finding the Right Job Search Engine and Aggregator

There are countless job sites out there and in addition to job postings, a lot of these types of sites have also taken to giving candidates other tools to help them in their job search process. They may include blog posts on various job related topics, how to videos, ratings of prospective employers based on the reviews of past and present employees, networking opportunities and so on. Some of them are industry specific while others are a catch all for anything and everything. There are many out there that offer different things and thus sometimes it is hard find the one that will best suit an individual’s specific job-search needs.

  • Indeed – Currently Indeed is the #1 job search site out there. In many cases, it is one of the easiest to use and it skips a lot of the fluff. You can search by location, keyword or both. It is fairly easy to tell the paid posts from the others. Unlike similar sites of the past, when available, Indeed will link you directly to the prospective employers job posting on their own site. Indeed is very mobile job seeker friendly.
  • Simply Hired – Also a popular job search engine, it may be the #2 for popularity amongst those searching for their next job role. It goes beyond the simplicity of Indeed allowing for various types of add-ons that do things like connect you to social media, allow for various forms of sharing.
  • LinkUp – It claims to be one of the purest job search engines out there and in all actuality it is. It functions very similarly to Indeed but indexes job listings directly from company career sites versus other job board listings.
  • LinkedIn – This site takes on more of a social media platform approach. It allows prospective candidates to network, post resumes and other content as well as search for jobs. it will pull job search content and postings, although it features it’s paid job listings first and foremost.
  • StartJobs – This site makes it easy to search for jobs by city, category and university. The look and feel is fresh and easy to use. The site loads at a rapid pace.
  • JustJobs – While it has the same type of job search function as many of the other sites, it also offers profile pages for employers as well as many other tools for candidates to make themselves more marketable.
  • Trovit – This site searches classified ads from across the country for jobs as well as real estate, vehicles and rentals.
  • Glassdoor – It has a lot of different offerings but one of the items that set Glassdoor apart is its focus on the rating of prospective employers. Past and present employees are able to share and rate their experience, benefits offered, salary and so on, in efforts of letting future candidates know what to expect from a specific role or company.
  • .jobs – Run by the National Labor exchange, this site boasts “no middle man.” It also offers various resources to candidates looking for jobs.
  • Jobrapido – The tagline for this site states “you can indeed find in one place all jobs posted on all careers sites in the US.” It also allows you to search other countries. Its search options are very basic but sometimes eliminating all of the complexities that other sites offer can make the process more simple and concise.
  • Monster – There was a time where sites like Monster and Career Builder dominated the job search industry. They both still have their place offering assistance with resumes and advice while also still functioning as a job search engine.
  • JobCase – One of the newest job aggregators that isn’t just a job board but is also a community. Members can post on the website forum and allow candidates to have access to a variety of job search resources.

Are you using any additional job search engines or aggregators I missed? Leave a comment below to share with the Blogging4Jobs community.

Like what you see? Check out my recent article on the best niche job boards? Click here

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  1. Hey Jessica,
    Thanks for the list! Check out DreamJobGlobal.com too, over 1.3m jobs from around the world.

    • Hi Mal,

      I’m working on a second blog post that continues to list aggregators. Seems like there are a lot that I missed.

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know.


      • Jessica,
        Nice article. Do you have a list of top 10 Resume Aggregators by Features and Cost?
        If you have such an article, could you please point me to that.
        Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Jessica!

    You should also have a look on jobisjob.co.uk.
    As a job search engine, we collect employment offers from major boards. Using the latest normalisation and de-duplication technologies we deliver over 9 Million job listings monthly in 22 countries worldwide. Our propriety search technology and powerful filters allow job-seekers to find their ideal job with a few clever clicks.
    JobisJob offers are hosted on their original webpages, allowing us to drive high-quality potential applicants directly to their site and delivering clicks that convert.

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    Craig Stadler |
  4. Hi Jessica,

    If you’re building another list of job search aggregators please check out 1Job.co.uk. We’ve also just launched our new job search app. for easier job searching if you ever decide to compile a list of job search apps.

  5. Hey Jessica, Check out Silicon Armada a global tech job aggregator. High quality jobs directly from employer career pages. They exclude job boards. They have been growing rapidly with over 120,000 positions online to date.


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