#HRTechConf Exclusive: Vegas & VIP Go Together Like Cigars and Whiskey

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It Feels Good to Be a VIP at the HR Technology Conference in 2013

Every year I comb the web looking for parties, meet ups and cocktail hours hosted during the HR Technology Conference. I love the conference and am a believer that the after hours events are just as important as the sessions, expo hall and keynotes because of the amazing networking and connection opportunities. Every year I give VIP’s access to the party list 48 hours before I publish it on the blog. The #HRTechConf is hosted in Vegas, a city that I love to visit for it’s vibrant shopping and shows. Personally, I’m not much of a gambler. I just love the over the top atmosphere that Vegas offers. That’s why I’ve added some over the top benefits of being a VIP as part of our party guide for HR Tech. If you sign up to receive the party list as a VIP, I’ll give you exclusive access to parties, special deals, drink discounts and a bunch of other cool stuff. I’m working directly with a promoter in Las Vegas to give you the best of the best. Yes, you read correctly. I’m working with a promoter in Vegas to give us one of the kind VIP access found no where else.



When you sign up, you get access to the party list 48 hours before the general public does but you will also have access to exclusive events, shows and discounts found no where else. It’s easy. I email you the list and you sign up for the parties directly from there. I wait 48 hours and then I publish the party list on the blog.

HR Tech Party Reminders Sent Via Text

I also offer a text reminder service where you receive text reminders of parties, events, sessions and events 30 minutes before they begin. Because it’s easy to get caught up in Vegas especially with all the great people, sessions and activities happening as part of HR Tech. Just text ‘HRTECH’ to 55678 and you’ll receive text event reminders on your phone. You can also sign up to be an HR Tech VIP by clicking here.

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