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The Dash = Work Experience

I have been writing about the Maintaining the Experience Dash for a couple weeks now– you know, the time the dash represents on your resume or professional profile – the life of the employee between the hire date and the date the employee leaves the organization. It is a valid

For the last several years, we have been talking and writing and writing and talking about The Beloved Candidate Experience.  I appreciate the talk and I certainly care.  But I think it’s time.  It is time to start a movement which addresses what it happening to the employee and why there seems to no longer be employment loyalty. But I want it different kind of talk and different kind of writing… the fact of the matter is that we are STILL writing and talking about an issue which has changed very little – all the talk has produced little value and a barely noticeable difference. I know we care, but do we care enough…

So in addressing The Employee Experience, I want action – not just words. It this industry and the technologies which support ready to put their money where their words are? It will be an interesting year in HR and we need – we require change. Let’s not just use our words but use our mind and our ability to influence by deed to follow through on a vision, on a promise.

Are you ready? Will you commit?

The truth is we are not ready to really address it with any kind of discernible action… if we were, we would – and we aren’t.

“Hire to Retire means changing not only how we view every new hire but also every single employee. With a gained understanding that companies want to protect their investments, doesn’t it make sense to protect their talent from the barriers which keep employees from fully investing, heart and soul, in their organizations?” from Hire to Retire: Maintaining the Dash

What Employees Want

It isn’t that hard to comprehend, really it isn’t and yet we struggle to really learn it, to fully grasp it, and blend it into the employee experience and yet, it is necessary to do just that now – to get it, to understand… Let me break it down one more time…

1. Employers showing gratitude to the value and success employees bring to the organization. Place value where it is due and give value when a spirit needs to be raised.  Here’s a hint: everyone needs to be raised. Every day, all the time. You can do it. What part of you will you leave with people?  The good or the bad? How will they speak of you when you are gone? And I don’t mean dead – I mean when you walk out of the room. Will you be the caboose of the gossip train? Will eyes roll on your behalf?

2. Compensate employees for what they are worth. The secret lies in “compensation” – compensation is more than salary.  It includes all benefits received as a result of employment: salary, paid time off, vacation and sick days, insurance benefits, retirement, 401K plans, company stock/options… So much more… What about the intangibles?  The universally immeasurable benefits of working for any one organization… the one or more benefits which drives employee loyalty and the ultimate stake of retention?  Opportunity, Company Culture, Personal gratification… resultant from a job well-done which is valued and appreciated by all, the opportunity to be a part of something growing and dynamic, the chance to grow and learn, develop new skills and talents, move into a new industry or vertical, obtaining a new title… Employee loyalty earned. Another notch in the retention case.

3. Actually having a performance review and being a part of that process. Performance Management – this is exactly what “maintaining the dash” means. Employees expect to grow in their roles and this is the foundation for retention. Opportunity is discovered when the life and learning of employees is carefully traced and tracked. Are you really maintaining the life of employees?

4. They want opportunities to learn and to grow. Effective training processes and practices allow smart organizations to consistently hire and retain the right people, and invest in and nurture them throughout the life of the employee – maintaining their dash. Thankfully, learning and development initiatives are taking center stage as today’s business leaders increasingly understand that a highly-skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving business success while maintaining a competitive advantage.

5. And they want to know that they may be considered for leadership opportunities. Look beyond 90 days to reveal employee and organizational expectations.  Why do so many choose the quick and easy, when the long run is where you want employees to reside? And guess what?  Employees want it too– they want job security and they appreciate the company’s investment in them. Succession Planning is not just another project for HR – it is a strategic business priority. Just like recruiting is an important function of business, so is the development of future leaders. It just makes common sense.

Warm & Fuzzy Lives!

Look, it takes work and it takes resources. Employees are an investment, from start to finish. Protect the investment. And invest in the future of the organization. HR really is all about the warm & fuzzy…, but not empty words and empty promises, but promises with truth and commitment behind them.

Every successful relationship requires truth and commitment, why would this one be any different?




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