HR Manager’s Toolkit: Everything You Need to Know (well, almost)

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As an HR Manager, you wear many hats.  Depending on the size and structure of your company, you might also manage a crew too.   Maybe you are a seasoned HR professional or maybe you are wondering what is the job of an HR Manager.  Whether you have an existing intern program you want to rejuvenate or are looking to coach leadership on their own performance appraisals for their staff, this toolkit was created to provide all the best HR Manager focused blogs in one easy-to-reference location.

While we can’t do your job as an HR Manager for you (and we honestly don’t like to work that much), we are all about efficiency.  Bookmark this page.  You’ll be glad you did.

Best Blogs for Understanding HR Laws

  • 3 Myths about Holiday Pay and the FLSA:  With the November and December holidays approaching it is time to get some facts straight about whether employees have a right to Holiday Pay. Read more.
  • 60% of Companies Video Interview. Are you EEOC Compliant? For hiring managers and employers, EEOC Compliance can be a tricky question. You want to make sure your company is taking advantage of all the latest HR hiring technology… but you also want to make sure you’re avoiding discriminatory hiring practices.  Read more.
  • Workplace Flexibility: Managers and FLSA Laws Stifle Adoption:  While workplace flexibility options like telecommuting, work flex, and flexible schedule options by employers are on the rise, only a small percentage of employees have access to such benefits. Read more.
  • Top 5 Mistakes Made on I-9 Forms:   As an HR compliance consultant, one of the areas where HR mistakes show up is in dealing with immigration, the infamous I-9. This is an HR form where every “I” needs to be dotted, every “t” crossed and every appropriate line filled in. Here are some of the mistakes that are pretty common. Read more.
  • 3 Myths about Severance Pay: I get occasional calls from clients asking me about severance pay. What is required? What is customary? Is this different than a severance package?  Should there be a release or not? Of course the simple answers are nothing, nothing and maybe.  Read more.
  • Workplace Fairness & Performance Appraisal:  There has been a lot of discussion in the HR blog world of late regarding the subject of performance appraisal. Read more.
  • Don’t Assume Your Employee Knows the Rules at Work:  In my many years of consulting with small companies I have seen a lot of mistakes be made by employers… Read more.

Blogs to be more amazing and impress your boss as the HR Manager

  • Rock Out Your Annual Employee Benefit Enrollment: It’s that time of year again. It’s your company’s annual benefit enrollment campaign… My secret to executing a great campaign involved the following secret ingredients… Read more.
  •  Avoiding Office Injuries: Keeping Workers Safe & Saving Money:  “Wow. I’m going to be working in an office. How dangerous can this job be?” I thought as my current employer asked me about how I approach safety in my second interview. I was dead wrong.  Read more.
  •  6 Steps to Having an Unpaid Intern: Interns, also known as Co-op students, have long been used by companies as a method of getting some inexpensive labor while providing a student with valuable work experience. In a tight candidate labor market it is an efficient way for a company to “test out” a prospective recruit and to pre-recruit them.  Read more.
  • Understanding HRs Role in Acquisitions & Mergers: Over the course of my career, I’ve been involved in several merger and acquisition activities.   If you have ever been involved in one, you know I’m not exaggerating when I say that dealing with an M&A is one of the most complicated projects you will ever undertake.  Read more.

Be a Better HR Manager (or learn how to become an HR Manager) with these Blogs

  • Career Skills: Having Difficult Conversations at Work:  A few years back, I had talked myself into a bad situation at work. I was unhappy in a vital role, so I told my boss. They listened to me and moved me into a different role – a role I thought I would really like.  Read more.
  • Top 5 Skills Necessary for the HR Professional:  I was interviewed the other day as an HR “expert.” Naturally I was flattered; I am a sucker for an ego play. They wanted to talk about what it is like to be an HR Professional and what does it take to get there. They asked a number of questions, and I talked for almost 45 minutes on a variety of questions.  But, one stuck with me and that was the area of “skills” that go beyond HR knowledge and needed to be a great HR professional.  Read more.
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