Friday Five: Social Media Stories to Follow(back)

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Another week, another Friday Five. This week we’re looking at social media – again. Sorry friends, it’s a topic I never get tired of. And judging by how hard it was to narrow down this week’s reads, neither do you.

5 Methods For Social Leadership: Try Reverse Mentoring

Ok, so we’ve got 5 generations in the workplace. How do we get everyone on the same page? Meghan Biro writes about reverse mentoring: younger workers teaching older workers about social media and other technologies that don’t come as naturally to boomers. It’s an idea I like because it requires teamwork, understanding and doesn’t play into stereotypes of older workers being innately incapable of, well, learning new tricks.

How to Write the Perfect Tweet for Your Career

I’m a Twitter addict so I can’t say that tweeting for work has ever been something I’ve stressed over, but a lot of digital ink has been spilled over the topic and Jessica even wrote a book about the topic. So. How to tweet for work: Monster has some ideas for you. Go easy on the hashtags. Include images. Don’t tell Dad jokes.

Free Speech, Politics and the Workplace

With the election getting everyone’s blood up the bounds between free speech and appropriate speech at work are important to think about. It’s increasingly common to see people fired for their behaviour on social media – but when is that ok?

Facebook Is Reportedly Bringing Video Ads to Instant Articles

Instant articles. The new Facebook thing you’ve been thinking about signing up for. Now they’re working on integrating video. This is both exciting and exhausting to think about, depending on how much video you’re already producing for your site (not at all!).

Proof that Snapchat Is Facebook’s Biggest Threat Yet

Have you integrated Snapchat into your social recruiting strategy yet? Well, according to Re/Code you’d better get on that because Snapchat’s growth shows no signs of slowing down.



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