Friday Five: What’s a World Class Workforce Anyway?

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Friday again? Now that the weather’s warmed up the weeks seem to be going faster. While we here at B4J spent a lot of time talking about employer branding and the changing makeup of the workforce, a lot of other HR blogs and other outlets talked about just what makes a great workforce. So let’s look at some good takes on this.

Here are your Friday Five:

5 Attributes Of A World-Class Workforce

Talent Culture says talent, passion, attitude, aptitude and fortitude are the factors that make the difference between a good workforce and a great one. Company culture and good hiring is still everything, it seems.

Thought Diversity: A New Way To Hire, Manage And Reward

Ere Media says that if you want an effective team, you’ll want to hire, manage and reward with an eye tornados thought diversity. That is, in order to have a great workforce you need to nurture a spirit of questioning, experimenting and valuing curiosity. You don’t need a cookie cutter workforce where everyone fits perfectly, but one where team members are different enough to bring something unique to enhance the whole.

Why Building A ‘High-Performance Team’ Is The Wrong Goal

What exactly is “high performance” and why is it a goal worth reaching? Liz Ryan, writing in Forbes, says that setting goals and whipping your workers to consistently meet them won’t actually get you the result you want. Instead, you should focus on building a great team that’s passionate about its work.

Teamwork Lessons I Learned The Hard Way … So You Don’t Have To

Mike Kappel writers about learning to work in and value teams — the hard way.¬†When you’re the smartest in the room, or the hardest working, the most efficient, or possessed of the best hair, it’s easy to think of your team members as, well, excess baggage. Mike’s piece talks about learning the value of a team, the importance of humility and the value of cooperation.

7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Job Skills

Emotional intelligence is an increasingly valued trait. In FastCompany, Harvey Deutschendorf writes that people with higher EQ are more cooperative, communicate better, handle pressure better and make more thoughtful decisions. If you want a more responsive and less explosive workforce, hiring for EQ isn’t a bad way to do it.

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