Friday Five: What Will Trump Do First?

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On Tuesday Americans elected Donald Trump to be their 45th President. Because of the nature of the campaign he run, lacking detailed policy proposals, the press and other commentators haven’t done much in terms of analyzing what a Trump Presidency would look like. Now that we have his 100 Days Plan — and he’s been elected — it’s time to start figuring out what promises he will keep or abandon, how long it will take certain elements of his plan to materialize, and how this will all affect us — those of us working in HR, requiting and adjacent fields.

I’ve gathered five articles that look at these questions from different angles, from legal alerts, to primers, to long form journalism. Here is your Friday Five:

My 2 cents on President-Elect Trump’s impact on HR-compliance in 2017

Eric Meyer argues that it won’t be so easy for reverse decisions on workplace discrimination and equal treatment. Instead we should be paying attention to who President Elect Trump appointments to the EEOC, National Labor Relations Board and Supreme Court — obviously. He also points out that some recent final rules, like the one for overtime, may be again in play, although not for some months.

Top 10 Workplace Law Developments To Expect From The Trump Presidency

A Fisher Phillips legal alert advises employers and employment lawyers that while some elements of President Elect Trump’s workplace policy program are clear, others will be harder to predict. We know, for example, that he’s likely to pack the Supreme Court with conservative justices and that this will impact decisions for years to come. We don’t know, though, how the support of union organizers late in his campaign will affect his stance on labour relations. Too, Trump seems likely to support some pay equity measures and a family and paid leave program.

Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days

Just before the election, Donald Trump laid out his plan for his first 100 days in office. His priorities include “cleaning up Washington, including by imposing term limits on Congress; protecting American workers; and restoring rule of law.” Repealing the Affordable Care Act is of course one of his most well-known campaign promises, though dismantling it may come with some complications.

Many of Trump’s Sweeping Promises Will Be Hard, If Not Impossible, to Fulfill

Which of Donald Trump’s promises will be easiest to keep and which will be hardest? The Washington Post looks at his campaign and 100 Days promises, analyzing which are most likely to be fulfilled (or not). The easiest are simply repealing Obama’s executive orders, which he can do by issuing executive orders himself. Much harder are his promises to expand infrastructure spend — a policy that is very unpopular with a number of Republicans — and building his wall. Repealing the ACA and environmental protections and imposing (or lifting) tariffs will require the cooperation of Congress and, at minimum, months of effort.

Donald Trump’s Presidency: A Guide to Five Key Issues

Quartz looks at five important issues President Elect Trump is likely to tackle first: immigration, infrastructure, TPP, the Supreme Court and Obamacare. There are certain challenges for Trump, even though the Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate. Some Republican representatives are far less suspicious of trade and far more suspicious of stimulus, than the President is, for example.

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