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Yesterday a massive DDOS attack on Dyn, a New Hampshire based DNS service that many of our favourite sites use, from Twitter to Spotify to Vox Media. The attack came through a botnet with nodes on the largely unsecured internet of things. You already know all of this, right? But it kept me busy for much of yesterday, and away from writing — so today you’re getting a late Friday Five.

Hackers Wrecked the Internet Today Using DVRs and Webcams

What’s important to recognize about yesterday’s attack is that botnet controlled computers didn’t do the bulk of the work, but rather smart devices. We’ve written a lot about the current uses and future potential of smart and assistive devices at work — but the truth is that even smart devices meant for the workplace are poorly secured. This attack mainly took out social media and news sites — but the next one won’t necessarily have the same kind of target.

How Twitter Could Finally Solve Its Abuse Problem

Twitter is in trouble. Recently Disney, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Alphabet have all dumped bids to purchase it. The problem? Well, the main problem now is trolls. Forget their shaky ad sales and declining new user numbers, its the site’s persistent inability, and previous unwillingness, to handle its trolls that are putting off buyers. As Twitter’s brand becomes more and more associated with harassment, the platform becomes a much less attractive buy. So how can it turn things around? Will Oremus suggests that verification may be the way.

Hey Silicon Valley: President Obama Has a To-Do List for You

It’s great to see the President tackling some of the persistent problems within Silicon Valley. During a recent interview with Wired, the President shared a list of six things the Valley needs to change: tackle inequality, strengthen cybersecurity (see above!), make good AI that actually helps us, keep technology secure from terrorists, address climate change, and work to make democracy more accessible.

Wells Fargo Scandal Gets Cartoonish

Possible former and current Wells Fargo employees are apparently making cartoons to expose the bank’s terrible internal culture. Welp. That’s a fun new complication to an employer brand crisis the company won’t be getting over anytime soon. Last week CEO John Stumpf resigned, perhaps in hopes of convincing everyone that the bank was remorseful — it was ready to do what it must to make things right. But with every new revelation and twist, it gets harder for the company to turn the corner.

13 Signs That Someone Is About to Quit, According to Research

So you think you know when an employee is getting ready to move on? Timothy M. Gardner and Peter W. Hom did the research and they’ve come up with 13 behavioural clues that just make sense. One, for example, is: “they have been less interested in pleasing their manager than usual.” Check out the piece for all 13 signs — then we’ll talk about how you can respond to them.


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