Friday Five: Tinder for Jobs, Ego-Driven Recruiting and Data Security

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Another week, another hack. Another month, another jobs report. This was a busy week for all sorts of stories — politics! health care! tech! — and it was hard to pick just five, but I’ve assembled a handful of stories and blogs you might have missed, from all over HR, business and tech.

Here is your Friday Five:

Conceit Is The Downfall of Great Recruiting

Why is candidate experience such a hot topic now? It’s because, Tim Sackett says, corporate recruiters treated candidates so poorly for so long that it had to become an issue. This poor treatment stems from conceit, the sense that the recruiter is somehow better than the candidate, and that conceit is toxic and holding you back from doing your best work.

Monster Snaps Up ‘Tinder for Jobs’ App, Jobr

Oh good, we’ll soon be swiping for jobs! Well… this is good news if Monster’s goal is to mine Jobr for insights into improving and speeding up job search. I’m not sure how I feel about the Tinderization of job search, but mobile is where young workers live and that’s where recruiters need to be. An app where candidates and recruiters can quickly and easily search, apply and connect? That sounds like a much needed step forward.

Temp-Worker Freeze Bodes Ill for Economy

The temp sector has not only slowed down on hiring, it has also shed jobs, a sign that many economists are taking as a bad one for the American economy. Temp workers were a key part of the early recovery from the 2008 crash and a similar slowdown in temp hiring was observed just before the crash. Is it really so bad an omen? That I’m not sure, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

A Weak Jobs Report Belies the Resilience of America’s Economy

Since the start of the recovery from the 2008 crash, the monthly BLS jobs report has been one of the only consistently bright sources of news. Hiring has been strong for not just a few months in a row, but for years. But in May, the jobs report didn’t deliver good news. The market went wild. Well, says the Economist, the jobs report is hardly the only indicator of the strength — or weakness — of the American economy.

Chief Security Officer May Be The Job Of The Future That No One Wants

We just finished resetting our LinkedIn password when it was time to reset our Twitter password — another hack! And this time our credentials were being sold. Chief Security Officer is an increasingly important position in large companies, but it’s one that’s becoming harder, not easier to hire for. That’s why some are turning to big security firms, even though that’s no substitute for a strong executive security leader inside the company itself. So what’s the problem?

And, of course,those who have the leading roles have to be prepared for the worst. In some ways, roles like CISO are the hardest because everything is good when nothing happens. Then, when one misstep occurs, millions of dollars are at stake. And even if the best security practitioners are trying to secure an organization, they can often get blindsided.

“It’s one of those jobs that’s ungrateful,” says Ahlberg. And sometimes the cards can get stacked against you. But perhaps with better sourcing and more direct training, the recruitment process will be a little less like the Wild West.

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