Friday Five: Social Media Moves

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Last week was all about Twitter’s endless bad news. But this week there’s plenty of news about all of our favourite social media networks, both good and bad. LinkedIn is acquiring, Twitter is floundering, Facebook and Snapchat are further monetizing, and Apple is battling the FBI in court.

Why Does LinkedIn Need Connectifier?

Forget LinkedIn’s earnings report, says Assaf Eisenstein, the real story is its purchase of Connectifier. LinkedIn already has a tailor-made recruiting solution in LinkedIn Recruiter and loads of data on its users, so why acquire new sourcing software? Long tail recruiting, it seems.

Twitter Is Not a Failure

We’ve spent a lot of time lately on B4J talking about Twitter’s many woes. In particular, its facing deep disappointment from investors, who aren’t seeing the kind of returns they might have hoped for. Although user growth is lagging, I’ve said before that its stock price not profits that are the source of many of its problems. Douglas Rushkoff says that, listen, Twitter isn’t a failure – it’s performing its key functions admirably well – but the market makes it look like one.

Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger

Yes, it’s true. Facebook will soon be introducing ads to its standalone Messenger app. This may sound frustrating from a user perspective, but for brands and for recruiters, this may be a lucrative opportunity. Texts have a much higher open rate than do emails or other kinds of messages – targeting a talent pool, who one assumes you’ve already begun to build a relationship with, directly and immediately? Better start your action plan.

Shopping Is Coming to Snapchat, Board Member Joanna Coles Says

Snapchat already sells advertising, extra features and has an internal money transfer service. Soon, says Joanna Coles, it will allow in app shopping. This may not sound immediately relevant to the recruiters reading this – after all, you aren’t selling a product, but a position – but it’s worth thinking about how it will change users relationship to the app, and how you can change your strategies with it.

The Apple Vs. FBI iPhone Encryption Battle: What It Means For Enterprises

By now you’ve heard of the battle between the FBI and Apple over the San Bernadino terrorist’s iPhone. The FBI is pushing Apple to create backdoor access to the phone, in order to further their investigation. Apple says that this would set a dangerous precedent and create security risks for all of its millions of customers. While the court is untangling constitutional rights from investigatory efficacy, we should be thinking about what the case might mean for individuals and organizations, says Jason Bloomberg.

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