Friday Five: Machine Learning, Video Conferencing and Work Perks

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Friday already? Yes, it’s time again for our end of the week link blog. This week I’ve been reading about robots, AI and machine learning again (and watching the Olympics, naturally). So your recommended reading naturally reflects that!

Espresa Wants to Help Companies Pamper Their Employees

TechCrunch has a short profile on Espresa, a service-providing startup for, well, startups. It helps small businesses provide perks and benefits to their employees through an online platform and app. Espresa offers everything from personal concierge and grooming services to car washes and delivery services. Check out the profile to see what’s new in perks!

The Women Changing The Face Of AI

Fast Company, meanwhile, has an interesting profile of the professional organization, Women in Machine Learning, which brings together women working in the field of AI. Since AI in general and machine learning in particular has become such a hot topic in HR Tech, it’s worth your time to check out the organization, its members and its work.

Here’s How HipChat Just Got a Little Better Than Slack 

HipChat, Slack’s biggest competitor in the work chat and productivity space, has announced that it will launch integrated video-conferencing. Previously both HipChat and Slack offered video conferencing only if the platforms were integrated with other apps. HipChat’s built-in system puts it ahead of the competition — for now. (Who video conferences for work anyway, though?)

Machine Learning: Of Prediction and Policy

As AI and machine learning develop, legislators will have to give the field more and more attention. This piece from The Economist speculates about near-future applications of machine learning and the kinds of policy implications that comes along with them. Everything from privacy to fair play will be under consideration — and just like legislators, you too should be thinking about these concerns.

New Millennial Trend: Working During the Summer

A “new” trend you say? What the labour statistics actually show is that youth unemployment hit its lowest point since 2007 this summer. Does that making summer jobs a new trend or does is there more to the story? (I think, pretty obviously, there’s more to the story.)

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