Friday Five: It’s the Bias Inherent in the System!

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This week I’ve got another grab bag of links for you, half on core HR topics like engagement and feedback, half on the increasingly important HR topics of system bias in our technologies. Just want until robots are giving performance reviews. Oh the fun we will have!

This is your Friday Five:

Overcoming The Fear Of Feedback

Why is it so hard to give and take honest feedback? Matias Rodsevich writes about the psychological factors that make feedback rough territory. How do you overcome fear of feedback? Habit, he says, is one of the most powerful tools available to you.

Engagement Entropy – Stop Trying to Find a Solution

This is a short piece but it’s got a powerful idea: all systems, including business systems, tend toward entropy, chaos. You can’t design yourself out of entropy, but you can work to maintain your system and you can work to keep engaging and re-engaging your employees.

It’s Too Late—We’ve Already Taught AI to Be Racist and Sexist

Last week I shared some links on how artificial intelligence and robots can be subjected to human sexism. Now Motherboard says that the AIs are subjecting us to sexism too! This is because we’ve built discrimination into their very design.

A New System Can Measure the Hidden Bias in Otherwise Secret Algorithms

Forget human biases, what can you do about hidden bias in algorithms? Verge reports on a new tool that works to ferret out those hidden biases and reminds us that design isn’t neutral.

Tinder CEO Makes Hires Off His Own App (Or Why It’s Time to Refresh Your Harassment Training)

So. Creepy. But moving on from how strange it is to do your recruiting at the same time as you do your, uh, date recruiting, Kriss Dunn talks about how important it is to keep on top of your harassment training. Hostile work environments aren’t just a result of screaming managers or cutthroat competition, they also come about when there’s an aura of sexism (or racism, or homophobia, etc).

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