Friday Five: Gigs, Games and Your Brain On Apps

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Friday already? I hope your week went as quickly — and productively! — as mine. This week much of my attention was occupied by updates and scandals across social media. But how many articles can you read about being Facebook biased and LinkedIn being hacked? Instead, let’s talk tech, social media and HR!

Here is your Friday Five:

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds 

Tristan Harris, a former Design Ethicist at Google, writes that many of the apps we love so dearly are functionally slot machines — that we’re completely addicted to. When an app is designed to win and keep your attention more than it is to be useful , who’s really winning? Harris goes on to suggest some ways that tech and design culture might change with the user in mind.

In Quest To Organize Gig Economy Workers, Unions Sometimes Clash

Because the gig and part time economies offer little protections for workers, union, guilds and associations have become an increasingly popular solution. Though we are only at the early stages of organization, some growing pains are already evident. Fast Company looks at moments of friction between workers and new and growing unions.

New LinkedIn Recruiter – Is It Worth The Big Bucks?

LinkedIn recently — finally — made some updates to their platform, including to recruiter. Is it worth shelling out, or can you approximate most of its functions on your own? Maybe, says Martin Warren, but don’t expect Recruiter to take care of everything for you. You still need to be strategic and thoughtful in sourcing and communicating with candidates on LinkedIn.

It’s Time To “Level Up” With Gamification

Does HR really need to be gamified? Meghan M. Biro says yes. She argues that a gamified workplace and recruitment strategy could get employees and candidates engaged like they’ve never been before. But in order to reap those benefits you can’t settle for a half-assed attempt to embrace gamification, you’ve got to overcome the barriers in your organization and adopt it fully as a strategy.

How a College Student Used Snapchat to Land His Dream Internship

I’m seeing more and more stories of students and recent grads landing jobs through Snapchat. So. Recruiters. Are you on Snapchat yet?

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