Friday Five: Free Food, Facebook and the Secret Rules of the Internet

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While the election continues to dominate the news cycle (when will it end???), there are still plenty of hot stories to follow in HR, tech and business. I have gathered… not the hot stories, but the ones I found interesting. This week we’re reading up on Facebook, free speech, coworking, women in tech and millennials at work. Yes, again.

Here are your Friday Five:

Facebook Has Seized the Media, and That’s Bad for Everyone But Facebook

Facebook has grown into the necessary social network – the chief driver of traffic for many blogs and even major news sites. Now they’re launching Instant Articles, a way to make sharing stories easier for publishers. But is Facebook’s dominant position good for media or just for Facebook?

The Secret Rules of the Internet 

This is a long long long read about the history of the internet and how moderation, or the lack thereof, has affected and continues to affect perceptions and experiences of free speech. Some much needed reflection on where we are now and how we got there.

This Coworking Space Will Let You Work There In Exchange For Content

Low on funds? Cowork with Blogfabrik and pay your rent with words. I’m interested in the coworking trend and particularly in novel approaches to it – in cities where rents keep skyrocketing and work is transitioning more and more to casual and freelance, coworking spaces are necessary. Blogfabrik offers writers work space – and a variety of other office perks –  in exchange for posts. Is this exploitative or ingenious?

Women in Tech: What’s the Real Problem?

June Sugiyama, director of Vodafone Americas Foundation, writes about her 20 years of experience in the industry in TechCrunch. Sugiyama says that she’s grown used to being the only woman in the room – but she doesn’t want it to stay that way. She says that solving the problem involves admitting to it, changing the way VC is done and who gets it, and STEM education for girls.

Workers in Their 20s Are More Likely to Get Free Food than Health Insurance

Quartz took a look at perks: who gets what, when. It turns out that young workers are more likely to be offered frivolous perks than substantive benefits. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

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