Friday Five: Facebook, WhatsApp and Women’s Equality Day

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On August 26, 1920, American women were granted the right to vote. We now remember that day as Women’s Equality Day. So obviously I have a few reads for you on that topic and the persistent gender pay gap (I mean, what else did you expect?). But I’d like us all to reflect that Equal Pay Day, the day on which the women have met the salary men, on average, made the year before, fell on April 12 this year.

Elsewhere in the news, there were memorials for the now closing Gawker and lots of paranoia about WhatsApp announcing it will share data with Facebook. It’s this latter story that I’ve spent more time on, being as it’s more relevant to the growing mobile recruitment business.

Here are your Friday Five:

Here’s Some Of The Information Facebook Will Be Collecting From WhatsApp

WhatsApp announced Thursday that it would be sharing information with Facebook. Although representatives from both WhatsApp and Facebook were reticent, Gizmodo managed to get a few details, and it looks like the data is more market research than spy-ish — but it’s certainly worth keeping an on the relationship.

WhatsApp to Start Sharing User Data with Facebook

The Verge does more of an overview with the WhatsApp data story, looking back on its history with privacy and what’s changed since it was bought by Facebook in 2014.

Why Did Facebook Pick a Losing Fight With Ad Blockers? 

Earlier this month, Facebook effectively declared war on ad blockers. But since ad blockers are in the business of making work-arounds, it was always a fight the social network was destined to lose. Mashable looks into why they started it.

Pass It Forward – Letters To The Next Generation Of Female Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to find a mentor as a female entrepreneur, so one London-based entrepreneur, Lu Li has organized over 50 of her co-travellers into a writing campaign: they’re writing letters to the women who will come after them, to give them motivation and advice, and to ensure they don’t feel alone.

3 Overlooked Reasons Why Gender Equality Is Being Held Back

FastCompany looks at three less talked about reasons why we’re struggling to achieve gender equality: attitudes around the home, the dearth of female entrepreneurs and inventors, and the sizeable population of Americans who just don’t believe in equal pay.

‘Women’s Equality Day’ Rubs Salt In The Pay-Gap Wound

It’s Women’s Equality Day but we’re still so far from achieving pay equity. Vanessa McGrady writes at Forbes about how this day serves mainly as an insult: a celebration of something not yet achieved.


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