Friday Five: Bad Interns, Student Debt and Millennial Behaviour

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Millennials again!? I know, I know. I complain about people writing about millennials so much and yet I can’t seem to stop writing about them/us myself. But what’s a girl to do when they keep coming up in the press? This week we’re looking at student debt, millennial living arrangements and bad interns.

This is your Friday Five:

Ask A Manager: I was Fired From My Internship for Writing a Proposal for a More Flexible Dress Code

Have you read this yet? A summer intern in a non-client facing position banded together with the other interns to petition for a more relaxed dress code and the whole group was fired. W O W. I appreciate that Alison Green, Ask A Manager herself, says that interns are guests, not permanent workers, because I think that’s very true. You’re there to learn — not challenge ordinary aspects of the work culture which don’t cause harm.

The Myth of Millennial Entitlement was Created to Hide Their Parents’ Mistakes

Sarah Kendzior writes at Quartz that the millennial “myth” was invented and has little to no relationship to real millennial lives. Rather, the myth provided a way to ignore the deep troubles of the US economy in favour of concentrating on struggling individuals. Their struggles would be blamed on the individuals themselves.

Education Department Forgives $171 Million in Debt Owed by Former Corinthian Students

Students of the now-bankrupt Corinthian Colleges school network are being forgiven their debt under the “borrower defence” which protects people who have been defrauded. Student advocates and former students have argued that Corinthian “lur[ed] them to enroll with false promises of a quality education that would lead to a well-paying job, spurring state and federal investigations.” Expect to see more borrower claims in the future.

Research And Millennials – The 88 Group

Over at HuffPo, Michael McGuire, CEO of The 88 Group, will be blogging about research they did on millennial behaviour and preferences. They were inspired to undertake the research after observing that no millennials they knew resembled the stereotype and that the stereotype itself was not based on substantive research.

The Real Reason So Many Millennials Are Living at Home

Are millennials just too lazy and babied to move out? No, says new research, they’re undereducated, misaligned with the job market, leery of high rents or just saving up. Rather than one “real reason” research suggests there are several. But importantly, WSJ cautions that the rise in young adults living at home isn’t a new trend:

“Since the share of 25- to 34-year-olds living with a parent has been steadily rising since reaching its lowest point 45 years ago, it may be years until we experience the full significance of these new living arrangements. With its potential impact on the economy, though, it’s a trend we may not be able to ignore.”

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  1. Great roundup. Lol. Millennials are hot right now in HR. 😛

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