The Flowers of Failure: My Lesson from HR Tech

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seeds in wind

Loving My Work

I work for the HR Tech company Technomedia – we have an HR software – that’s what makes us an HR Tech company.  We update our software consistently and add new functionalities on a regular basis.  I like our product(s) – we have great customers!  I like the people with whom I work – it is an exciting time for us.  And it is a very exciting time to be a part of the HR Tech industry. I am part of a great company, in a  great industry, and I love my work.

Authenticity and Transparency

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love what I do – that I love my work, that I love the HR Tech industry.  That is my authentic transparency…

Sometimes, my authenticity, my transparency can get me into trouble and I say or write what I think is important and true, but in that truth, I may have hurt others or have caused others to doubt my sincerity or professionalism.  This behavior can only hurts me, it doesn’t make me a barracuda or a force to be reckoned with.  And in those moments are lessons – and I am a perpetual learner, you can bet that not all my lessons are found in books or blogs – many are on the road or in the office next to mine.  They are in partner relationships and they are in the eyes of clients, colleagues, or friends.  It would also be a safe bet to assume that many of these are lessons that don’t need to be re-taught.

They are usually learned the first time, good and hard. 

 Success Without Failure?

If we fail to actually learn from life and business lessons, with what are we left?  Typically, an empty office and a slowly draining wallet. Success is not found without a considerable amount of failure. Failure has been my back-stabbing friend many times.  I prefer smiles from success…  But then, don’t we all?   And if all we experienced was success, how would we learn humility, hard work, and how sweet the reward truly is?

For those of us that work in tech development, we understand and recognize failure, though we would rather not.  But it really isn’t that different than a failure of any other kind.  A breakdown took place, either in communication, intent, expectations, or in the process or in the composition.  Those failures help us identify what needs to be fixed or eliminated in order to achieve success the next time around.  I learned a long time ago that failures come and successes go.  What matters is how you handle the pendulum swing.  In tech, in biz, in life.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.
Bill Gates

We come to the table of tech to threaten every other tech out there with change and early adoption.  The greatest tech heroes get this – they understand it.  I love this – the greatest lesson I can take home from my work –

“If you do learn, if you take with you the seeds for success that fall from the flower of failure, how can you have truly experienced failure?” -RT  

by Rayanne Thorn


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