Five Blogs That’ll Prepare You for #HRTechConf

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If you’re in HR and you love technology and you’re attending the HR Technology Conference — read on! Last week we put out one of the most tweeted Top 5 Blogs over #HRTechConf according to HRMarkter and we’re at it again! The content has been flowing and those who are talking about the HR Tech Conference in Vegas next week have a lot to say.

These are must-reads if you’re attending the HR Technology Conference. If you’re not, you’re missing out!


The 10 Things We Hate About #HRTechConfMaren over at Red Branch Media put out one of my absolute favor blogs about the upcoming conference. My favorite is #9. What’s yours? Read More.

Humans of HR Tech: Interesting project by Heather Bussing happening at HR Tech this year. Clickthrough to read more! Read More.

4 Crazy Recruiting Tech Trends You Don’t Know Yet: Jessica Miller-Merrell talks about 4 recruiting trends that are going to happen, but you just don’t know it yet. Read more.

New to the #HRTechConf? Take a Tour with @HiveTechHR!: New and interesting concept provided by HiveTechHR on doing personal tours of the Expo Hall during the conference. Read more.

#HRTechConf Unofficial Party Guide: Every major conference Blogging4Jobs puts out their unofficial party guide. Well, it’s here! If you’re attending the conference make sure to check out all the deets on the hottest parties at HRTech. Read more.

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