Ever-Trends in Hiring

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Technology has changed how we do almost everything.  

This includes how we find a job and how we fill a job.

Recruiters, hiring managers, CEOs, department heads, anyone in charge of  recruiting and easing & improving the hiring process consistently seek for ways to do this job better, to hire better and quicker!  This keeps their organizations staffed with quality hires whether they provide a service or product – what they provide improves. Innovation over the last three or four years has sparked the creative minds of long-standing, successful companies, as well as bolstered opportunity for new tech start-ups.  There are so many new ways to find jobseekers and jobseekers have more ways to find out about hiring companies – and whether or not they want to work for that particular company.

It is not always easy, but staying informed on developments in high tech is critical for high-performance hiring.  HR professionals, increasingly, are gaining access to innovative and evolutionary tools/tech which make recruiting processes quicker, more agile,  more economical – (Yes, It Can Cost Less! ) and also reduce the administrative burden.  And thanks to social media and mobile tech, recruiters are able to reach global or expanded audiences.

Ever-Trends in Hiring

There are several ever-trends in recruiting and hiring technology – “Ever-Trends” meaning they will be hot for the foreseeable future.  Certain technologies are combining with HR best practices and then springboard ideas on how employers can capitalize on these new developments to keep their hiring strategies fresh.

Mobile – More than half of all emails are read on a mobile device.  If you are using email in your recruiting practice, you are using mobile. Start thinking mobile.
Social – If you don’t like it for recruiting, too bad.  This is how the majority of people communicate today.  Start thinking social.
Cloud – Online – everything is online. If you are using a filing cabinet or an on-prem solution, it’s time to come of the dark ages.  Start thinking cloud.
Big Data – All we hear is Big Data these days. If you are measuring or tracking any part of your process, you are already thinking how “small data” effects you.  If you aren’t measuring, start.
Search – Boolean, Semantic, Social – we’ve been talking search methods for a while.  If you are still using a call sheet and a search record, you need a new process. Be innovative, check out the Google search bar.  <sarcasm>

Quality Hires Quickly – Establishing a QHQ Quotient

The dynamic, fast-paced evolution of HR technology is a tech-savvy recruiter’s dream, as well as the flexible and modern jobseeker’s best friend. New advances allow recruiters to find better candidates who will stay with the company longer, while making the recruiting process less labor-intensive for HR professionals.  Why wouldn’t it work a similar way for the Jobseeker?

The Work Goes On

For the short-term though, there is much work to be done.  The unemployment rate is still too high – and who really knows what’s actually being measured and shared?  If using upgraded technology and updating your process eases the economic crisis, why would we not invest some time (and perhaps some money) in an effort to better the hiring process for all involved?

Quality Hires Quickly.  That’s what it’s all about. 


by Rayanne Thorn

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