Employer Branding 101: You can do WHAT on Glassdoor and Indeed?

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Employer Branding

To some of you, this may be old news. But for those of you who may be new to the idea of employer branding, I offer up this “branding 101” post. Read on to learn how Glassdoor and Indeed can help support your employer messaging, increase job visibility, and get your name in front of two somewhat different audiences.


Named the 2013 Webby award winner for “Best Employment Website,” Glassdoor is sort of the Yelp! of the job world.  Back in 2010 (I believe), Glassdoor rolled out its employer profiles allowing companies to also have a voice and greater presence on their site; GEICO (my company) was an initial launch partner, along with a handful of other large organizations.

Today, Glassdoor reaches 4.6 M unique U.S. visitors (6.7M globally) on a monthly basis, and over 1M page views per day. That’s a lot of research going on! The site is skewed toward affluent adult males, and you can dig deeper into site demographics via Quantast.

Indeed is a highly trafficked job aggregator that makes it easy for job seekers to access most jobs posted online. Their site is simple and effective … sort of the Google of the job world. My company first started sponsoring jobs on Indeed in 2009, and the site has been a key component of our recruitment advertising from both an organic and paid traffic perspective.

Indeed tends to attract more unique U.S. visitors (5.6M) than Glassdoor and demographic data shows that it’s skewed degreed, affluent and female. They receive nearly 2M page views per month; this tells me that people are there searching for jobs, but not necessarily spending as much time researching companies (like on Glassdoor). You can access more about Indeed on Quantcast.


Both Indeed and Glassdoor offer up free employer accounts.  Here are some of the quick and easy things that you can with your company profile:

  • Share basic company information
  • Link to back to your consumer and career sites
  • Upload photos showing what it’s like to work at your company
  • Include workplace awards and accolades
  • Respond to reviews (Glassdoor) and forum questions (Indeed)

Based on all of the reviews and rankings that Glassdoor gathers, they are also able promote various lists and awards, showcasing top companies. This third-party validation — in key areas that are important to job seekers — is a great way for selected companies to highlight their strengths and value proposition.

The reviews on both sites are telling and provide a great deal of insight to employment brand managers, recruiters, hiring managers and company executives. If you haven’t checked out the reviews on your company lately, I would encourage you to carve out some time to do so. You just might learn a thing or two.

For more information on how to use Glassdoor, Indeed, or both, for employer branding, I am sure you can reach out to an account manager. Your contacts may also be able to share some company-specific statistics to demonstrate how your organization is currently performing on their respective sites. Additionally, there are paid opportunities for added exposure, but I hope that these freebies will help you get started.

Disclaimer: My company partners with both of these sites to share our story. I did not receive anything from either site in exchange posting this information. This is for informational purposes.

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  1. Interesting details.I was surprised to find out that Glassdoor offers for free even some market information on salaries. Very useful.

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