Doing Vegas The Right Way #HRTechConf

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Tomorrow we have an extra special guest on the blog that will be talking about Doing HR Tech the Right Way so it’s only natural for me to talk about how you should do Vegas the right way during the HR Technology Conference. As a practitioner this conference is unlike any other major conference you’ve attended in the past.

While the speakers like Andrew McAfee and Rahaf Harfoush are sure to be stellar and I don’t recommend you miss them there comes a time where you need to relax and destress after an exciting work (or fun) filled day. While we’ll be taking briefings, attending sessions, and parties it’s important that those who haven’t been to the conference before (especially in Vegas) know how to balance both professional and fun while attending this year’s conference.

Doing Vegas the Right Way

Don’t leave the strip.

I’ve been to Vegas enough to know that leaving the strip just isn’t a good idea. You’re there for a couple days and you’ll be busy all day and all night so whatever activites you want to plan — make sure to do them on the strip. Especially if this is your first time. There is plenty to do on the strip while in Vegas for 72 hours. Plan accordingly and don’t sleep (okay, I probably won’t sleep much).

Plan accordingly.

There will be so much happening during the conference that if you want to plan something outside conference activities it’ll be important that you plan your day accordingly. If you haven’t looked what shows are playing or what acts are happening during your three day stint — check it out today and plan to buy tickets today. Things will sell out fast and you want to make sure to get the most out of your stay while your on the company’s dime. Work hard, play harder.

Bring a battery pack and comfy shoes.

Two of the most important featuers we highlight every year is bringing a spare battery pack (so you don’t have to continually go back up to your room to charge your phone — and comfy shoes so you can be on the floor all day and all night without dying. If you’re going to important presentations bring a pair of flats for running across the hotel and convention center. No one wants to get blisters day one of the conference.

To get more tips on attending Vegas for the first time as well as navigating around the conference download our HR Tech Conference Guide. Don’t forget to text HRTECH to 55678 to receive alerts and special updates during the conference. 

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