Whistle While You Work: Diligence and Tenacity Pay Off

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whistle while you work: diligence and tenacity pay off

Work Travel Stress

It seems everyone in my industry is beginning their travel season.  I love reading travel posts and updates – especially those that I identify with – for I have had my share of crazy travel stories.  There are those who struggle with travel. Stress levels are at an all-time high with remembering all that needs to be remembered, as well as dealing with crowds, uncertainty, time constraints, long lines, crying babies, and, sadly, rude professionals. It is no wonder flights get missed and tempers flare.  The chronic state of tension brilliantly harvests fatigue – which should be expected but tends to sneak up on you.

On one such occasion…

As I hurriedly passed gate after gate in an airport recently, I could feel just such fatigue begin to settle in. That is, until a small boy of five years old walked past me, bouncing happily along behind his family. He whistled anxiously – a raspy, staggering, inexperienced whistle. And then he whistled again. And again. I quickly realized that he was a new whistler – having not yet mastered the talent.  But what he didn’t make up for in talent, he did make up for in heart.

Tenacity and Diligence Demonstrated

I watched him until he disappeared in the crowd two or three gates ahead of me but he never stopped whistling, the entire time. He was diligent and tenacious:  two qualities necessary in order to master any skill set. He will be an excellent whistler in no time, I am sure.  How could he not when you consider, then match them with practice time and desire.

The Whistlers

My weariness quickly diminished as I took in and reflected on The Whistler.  Think of the whistlers in your life, in your work. They may not be the best at what they do – yet. Or the smartest at selecting business paths – yet.  Or the champion of anything – yet. Or the leader of the pack – yet. But what they are is hard workers.  Sometimes, diligence and tenacity pay off as experience births talent. 

A Brighter Day

My day was a bit brighter, my load certainly lighter. The mishaps and stress of my own morning melted away. And all because a young child struggled and found self.  And in that struggle and finding of self, trauma and hassle were forgotten.
And the student became the teacher – the child became the master.



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