Chances Are, Your Employer Brand Strategy is Stale.

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Everyone talks about it but very few do it correctly.

The “it” that I’m referring to is the hot topic of Employer Branding. All too often, managing the employer brand is a task thrown to an HR or Talent Acquisition professional whose plate is already full. So, what do they do? They ensure the basics are covered and the employer brand journey ends there.

  • Responsive Career Page – check
  • Branded Postings – check
  • Glassdoor – check
  • Social Media – check

But what do these four things really add up to? An Incomplete Identity.

Incomplete, because every other company regardless of size is doing the same thing. The true personality, differentiator and cultural DNA is neglected to its most watered-down version.

If you want to stand out then I suggest you start having conversations, taking risks and being MEMORABLE.

Companies that get the idea of being memorable are looking at talent attraction and retention through the eyes of marketers. They know how to make an impact, tell a story, embrace the power of visual communication and filter through people analytics to make decisions. Companies like Apple, Google, Zappos not only understand the buying habits of their customers they understand the habits, behaviors, needs and traits of those that are successful at their own organization. This is the starting point (AKA the recipe) for creating a sustainable employer brand.

These companies know who to attract, who to retain, who to engage and how to attract the individuals that are going to make a difference for their organization today and tomorrow.  These same masters of employer branding have employee retention rates that many of us can only dream of. They pay attention to the candidate experience, not monthly or quarterly, but daily. They watch it like a hawk and breathe new life into as often as possible. They have engaged employees who sing their praises offering their internal recruiters some of the best talent referrals out there.

Sounds awesome right? Well, you too can loose your tired, outdated employer brand and BE MEMORABLE. Below are 7 quick things to consider when getting started.

7 things to consider when building your employer brand

  1. Evaluate your current high performers. Have a conversation with them. Know why they work for you, why they stay. Find commonalities between them. This is the basis of all things to follow.
  2.  Write, design and evaluate your career page(s) often. Ensure they aren’t text heavy and boring. Add personality and visuals, real ones and by all means lose the stock images. Monitor bounce rates and where your candidates wonder through your site. Make sure the message attracts the right talent. After all, right talent = quality talent.
  3. Keep more than just a pulse on the candidate experience. Experience it yourself. Apply to your own openings. Apply to your competitions. Is your ATS making for a clunky and time consuming process. If so, fix that. Keep the application process simple offering both “apply with LinkedIn “ and  “join our talent community” options.
  4. Be smart when it comes to choosing what vendors to work with. There are a ton of new shiny HR tech toys each year but not all of them are worth exploring. Not all make sense for your organization. Vet them out carefully, can they integrate with your existing systems, do they offer the global capabilities that you need, can they grow with you and do they fit your brand, your messaging.
  5. Become an ATS ninja. There is a ton of useful information that lies in there. Smarter decisions on tool use, media spend and sources of hires are a report away.
  6. Be social when it comes to social media. Do more than just post jobs, company awards and meaningless photos. Start real authentic conversations, engage your own employees and have fun with it.
  7. Don’t forget to market to your own employees (your employees are someone else’s candidates). Employees who feel connected to the organization’s success make for some of the best brand ambassadors a company can have offering excellent talent referrals.

With all seven of these in mind it is equally important to remember to be bold. It is only when a company starts thinking differently about talent attraction that they become MEMORABLE.

If you want to take this conversation to the next level please connect with me on LinkedIn.

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