We Need More Celebrations At Work #hrtechconf

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Last month Blogging4Jobs celebrated our 7 year anniversary. For a blog (or any business) seven years is a lifetime. I, however, am not always excited about tooting my own horn. It’s not something that is important to me, but it is something that is important to my team.

In August, Blake pointed our upcoming anniversary out via instant message. I could hear the excitement in his post as he told me that September 17th was our anniversary. I told him it was no big deal and I didn’t want to publish a blog post or celebrate the fact. It wasn’t a priority for me. I was working on our HR Tech Guide Review Site (still in beta). I didn’t want to be bothered with a silly little thing like celebrating a milestone anniversary.

My daughter, Ryleigh is 5 1/2. When you are 5 nearly every experience is a first one. It’s filled with excitement and lots of impromtu dancing. Two weeks ago we celebrated a perfect score on her first spelling test. I have never been more proud. It’s so amazing watching her learn and grow. I’m learning just as much as she is by helping teach her and watch her realize and understand her place in this world, life and family.

We Need More Celebrations at Work

Celebrations are important. Recognition is too. We all want to be celebrated, acknowledged and recognized for the hard work we do whether it work, family or play. Globoforce’s recently published an interesting infographic that put into perspective how important work is as well as family.

  • 52% of us spend more than 30 hours a week with our family.
  • 91% of us spend more than 30 hours a week with work colleagues.

Why is my daughter’s little milestone more important than Blake’s request to celebrate our blog anniversary? The fact is that it’s not, and I made a mistake. Our work family deserves to be recognized, rewarded and acknowledged in a meaningful way.

A couple weeks ago we published our anniversary blog which Blake wrote. Our readers celebrated with us and more importantly, Blake was able to be recognized for his role in our blog and something amazing. Milestones like this matter. Whether its service anniversaries, blog anniversaries or kudos for a job or project well done. We need more of these celebrations not just in our personal life but our work life as well.

But what matters more than the recognition is listening to our team. Our milestone was important because it was important to Blake. Last night I landed in Las Vegas for the HR Technology Conference. This week I have over 25 briefings and meetings with various HR tech products to hear about enhancements, changes and new partnerships. Our industry is growing, changing and evolving at such a rapid pace. Basically, my schedule is crazy, but I wanted to make time for Blake. Because we work virtually, we see eachother 4-5 times a year usually at conferences and events like these. I met up with him for drinks last night to celebrate his work, our blog and our work family together. We shared a goofy toast and a Vegas cocktail to celebrate the little things.

We need more celebrations at work. Pronto. Like immediately.

Globoforce is one of those companies I’m meeting with this week. They have announced a new take on workplace recognition particularlly those anniversary milestones. Take a moment to look at their new video below and/or visit their Booth No. 2134.

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