Damn Good Human Being – Victorio Milian #TimSackettDay

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Social media and blogs connect me with new and amazing people. Connecting with new folks keeps me moving forward. The people I connect with keep me learning and evolving. Today, I want to celebrate one of those individuals who is inspiring others to make a difference for HR. I’m not only proud to call a friend. He is also someone who has made me better, and that person is Victorio.

Celebrating Victorio Milian

Today happens to be my birthday and I’m delighted to share and recognize Victorio Milian on this special day too. Each year the HR internets recognize an outstanding HR individual as part of what we call #TimSackettDay in honor of the first recipient, Tim Sackett. Victorio is a wonderful person. He’s a giver who has helped inspire and mentor countless human resources bloggers. He is a man of action who quietly stepped out on his own consulting and working with companies small, medium, large and non-profits to help elevate HR and recruiting. He’s a damn good human being.

It was a few years ago and I was driving to pick up my daughter from the babysitter. I think she was 2 1/2 at the time. Victorio called me up and we bonded over leave of absences and time keeping for retail employees. He was gathering information and best practices in order to give his employer and employees the information and support that they needed. Victorio is soft spoken and damn smart. He obviously, has a great heart. Not everyone cares enough to research time off and LOA’s for their employees. He’s also not afraid of facing change head on. I admire that. He’s a doer. He drives change.

If you can do anything today, I suggest that you connect with Victorio through his LinkedIn, @Victorio_M and his Creative Chaos Blog.  One of my favorite conversations was one with Victorio while I was traveling in a conference in New York. Our conversation changed my business forever. It gave me so much clarity. That’s just what Victorio does. You can also check out check out other HR blogs who are recognizing Victorio today. Here’s my list below which I’ll be adding to throughout the day:

Leave a comment if you have a post that I missed and I’ll add it to the collection. Congratulations to Victorio MIlian!

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