Carnival of HR–Talent Management Edition

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economic recovery

As we begin to see the rays of sunshine begin to shine through the gloom and doom of the economy and the economic recession, it’s important to remember that change is near.  This addition of the Carnival of HR highlights Talent Management and the focus on the current and future economies.  With so many great submissions concerning Talent Management, we look to highlight some of the best HR, training, and recruiting minds in the industry today.

But first to know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been.

And as the economy improves and the inevitable turnover churn begins, bloggers discuss the important of engagement.

Employee engagement and reducing turnover starts from the top down and bottom up.

The changing face of HR is key in the financial, corporate recovery, and rebirth.

And for those of us who are the more than 16 million looking for work or those who are considering jumping into the job search, our HR Carnival experts offer some great advice.

Or for those that are looking for those that are looking for more. . .opportunities, more hours in the day, and more fun at work.

A special thanks to our contributors, HR Minion our humble carnival ring leader as well as the opportunity to host the Carnival.  Look for the next Carnival of HR on October 14th hosted by Strategic HCM.


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  1. Good to see that Carnival is in happy moods as economy recovers. Though the recovering economies will ask for more from HR to manage talent…yet another challenge ahead.


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