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Talent Board, the founding organization of the Candidate Experience Awards, continues to analyze the North American survey data collected from over 122 initial companies and 46,000 candidates, and the results continue to reflect that a positive candidate experience is a differentiator for organizations.  With the initial publication of the first CandE Awards 2013 infographic, we focused our efforts on the overall data collected and found a few trends that have shifted from our 2012 research. Here are a few highlights.

Candidate Trends

We continue to see five generations with a passion to work. The candidate survey data supports that there are truly five generations that are seeking new opportunities. Details on the largest categories are included in the infographic, with Traditionalist (those older than 65) and Generation Y (those under age 20) filling in the remainder.

Candidates also told us that they are more likely to talk about their positive and negative experiences with their inner circle as well as publish their experience on social media channels. The trend line from 2012 to 2013 established a 50 percent increase in the intent to share those experiences.

Employer Trends

Employers that competed for the award this year, were increasingly focused on providing the candidate information along the process and in several cases going the extra mile to inform the candidate why they were not selected, and provide that feedback in a personal email from the recruiter or phone call. This level of communication and service was recognized and appreciated by the candidates that responded to similar questions, commenting on the value of knowing where they were in the process, and respecting the fact they were not selected while appreciating the feedback on how to improve their chances with their next application.

Employers have also taken steps to measure their candidate experience consistently and throughout their recruiting process. In most cases employers referenced their current efforts and plan to survey candidates during the recruiting process to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure a better experience overall.

While there is no magic formula to guarantee a positive candidate experience every time, the employers that won a 2013 CandE Award deserve recognition for their efforts, their willingness to learn from their candidates feedback and their passion for their respective brands. We’re delighted to recognize all 64 organizations for their efforts.


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  1. One thing that wasn’t covered in this infographic was the impact of the relationships between the applicants and people who already work inside the company. It might be a worth while study to see if these pre-exisiting relationships influenced the candidates experience.

    • Josh, Great catch- we are very committed to understanding the difference in impression the way you described. We have specific questions to that fact in the candidate survey and based on the 46,000 responses we received 58% of the candidates expressed that they felt they had a relationship with the company they applied to. In our case a relationship with the company encompasses, knows someone there, advocate, customer, etc. We are still reviewing the difference in candidate impression based on this filter, and intend to publish the results of that analysis in the experience report that will be published by the end of the year with all of our comprehensive findings.


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