Building Your Employment Brand from the Inside Out

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We’ve already talked about the role of perception when it comes to employment brand (reminder: they’re one and the same), but what if you could build it from the inside out? Instead of simply advertising to potential candidates to tell them how great you are, it’s time to consider a new set of resources – one that’s been with you all along.

Using Employee Branding Videos to Connect with Target Talent

Employee brand and branding advocates can be the perfect recruitment marketing tool. Not only are they able and willing to promote your company as a great place to work, they have firsthand experience with your internal culture, making it easy to share personal and team stories that even you may not be aware of. Collectively, these stories should paint a pretty good picture of your company for target talent. And much like an unscripted employment and recruitment videos, encourage your top performers to share their experiences brings authenticity into the picture.

4 Stepping Stones to Develop & Guide Employee Brand Advocates

1. Build a foundation. When it comes to digital media, the potential for disaster often outweighs the opportunity for companies hoping to build their employment brand online. This is especially true when it means involving employees who may or may not have any formal training or practical experience using tools like social media, blogging platforms or video for business. Because the initial struggle is often based on the ‘how’ and what is or is not acceptable, you must break through this barrier at the get-go to build a solid foundation that will lead to a smooth journey.

2. Keep them in the know. With any program involving your employees, it’s critical to provide ongoing communication and frequent updates, along with a space for them to ask questions and gain clarity on all aspects of what you’re trying to accomplish. Employee brand advocates should be included in all company-related news releases and must also be well-informed on specific aspects of your employment brand – like your employee value proposition (EVP) and the image your company wants to be known for. You may consider creating special communications for employee brand advocates who are part of your program to provide customized messaging and to address any issues, questions or concerns that arise along the way.

3. Provide the right tools. This is pretty straightforward: make it easy for participants to participate. Whether it’s utilizing your social employee referral program, contributing to your careers blog, promoting your hiring events or writing content for your social careers accounts, your employee brand advocates shouldn’t be wasting a lot of time figuring out how to do so. Choose the tools and platforms you want to use wisely, and then provide training to promote efficiency.

4. Show your appreciation. In every aspect of life, it’s all too common that we forget to say thank you to those who support us. These two simple words can have a huge impact on a user’s future involvement with you and your brand – whether it be a customer, a client or an employee. Showing appreciation for your employee brand advocates is no different. They’re volunteering to promote you as an employer to your target talent, so make them feel loved by saying thanks. You can also feature their work in various aspects your recruitment marketing efforts to encourage other employees, as well.

Autumn McReynolds is the Content Strategist and Lead Blogger for TalentMinded, an online publication focused on talent attraction and engagement in the digital age. After landing in the recruitment space in 2009, she has spent the past three years in the job board industry as both a recruiter and project manager, consulting with clients about job advertisements, employment brand and SEO strategies for attracting new candidates via job postings. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

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