Blogging4Jobs Gets a Makeover!

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If you’re reading this you’ve noticed a BIG change with Blogging4Jobs. It’s been 3 years since we’ve really undergone a makeover on the blog and we decided it was about time! When this blog post goes live Monday morning we want to make sure that everyone knows over the next week we’ll be transitioning into this new website and there will be bugs and kinks to work out. Our menu has changed and there won’t be copy on some of the pages as we work through adding features this week. What you will see is a lot of new and exciting changes happening with Blogging4Jobs and we’re beyond excited to get the website and our new features up to speed 100%.

To give you a brief overview here are some new changes happening with Blogging4Jobs:

New logo, new branding!

We’ve completed re-branded Blogging4Jobs. We’re still the fun, no nonsense, #1 HR & Social Media blog on the Internet, but we wanted to take your experience into the 21st century with new branding and a fresh look. You’ll also notice that our mobile site has been completed revamped and streamlined so you’ll be able to get your favorite HR news and information on your mobile without messing with a non-compatible website.

Bloggin4Jobs HR Forum

That’s right! We’re launching our own forum! Since you’re already here for great HR and Social Media tips and tricks we thought that having a sense of community and direct access to Jessica & Blake as well as other practitioners in the space would be a great start to 2014. We’ll be launching the forum later this week with categories specific to not only experience level, but a place where more experienced are able to mentor the newbies. We have a lot of well-known and credible HR practitioners reading our blog and we wanted to make a way for everyone to connect with each other.

Updated LMS for Webinars

We’ve created our own Learning Management System where practitioners are able to go and learn from all of our webinars. We’re offering over 20 Free HRCI credits to those who are needing recertification. We’ve also blogged about How to Enter in Recertification Credits in HRCI for those who are having troubles submitting through HCI’s new web interface.

We love your questions, comments, concerns, but we do ask your patience over the next week as we work on getting things up to speed on updates and new features being added. If you have any urgent issues feel free to email me at blake(at) — would love to hear from you! Lots more to come in the coming days!


We’re excited to start using our @blogging4jobs for more blog feed and industry related news as well as connecting with all of our readers. Share with us your favorite blog posts and thoughts on our blogs and you might be featured in our upcoming Top 5 posts! For those who are wanting to connect directly with Jessica, she’ll be tweeting from @jmillermerrell. This change won’t be immediate and we’ll both be on the Blogging4Jobs account, we’re just streamlining processes!

What do you think of the makeover? We want to hear YOUR opinion! 

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  1. I think the colors should be much brighter,otherwise its good makeover.Indeed this is good idea and its the way to go cyber,by 2015 one will be able to see benefits of this idea.

    Nambejja Susan |
    • Thanks for the comment! We’re adding a secondary color this week in ads, etc. to add some oomph! This was just the initial launch! 🙂


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